Your Guide to Using Images to Enhance your Website

In retail terms, Christmas is acknowledged as the prime time of year for sales, and this is often reflected in other industrial and service sectors. Businesses are keen to wind up ongoing negotiations, close deals and conclude the year’s trading before the start of the holidays. When it comes to online marketing, you may be surprised to learn that some of the familiar Yuletide traditions, successfully replicated, will result in imaginative ways to enhance your website and boost your business, at any time of the year. Here are a few insights into your website enhancement opportunities.


The Shop Window 

Attractive and enchanting shop window displays are legendary in their own right, particularly during holiday times. As in London and Paris, the department stores of New York City compete to attract their customers’ attention using a dazzling array of creative, often unusual, visual material. The same is true of company websites, which are, after all, the shop windows of businesses that trade online. In this context, it’s not hard to understand why pages and pages of text or awkward, unclear illustrations are less attractive than sharper, cleaner designs that make good use of images and video.

What do potential customers get from looking at a well-designed, captivating shop window display? In simple terms, they recognize the invitation to come in, browse what’s on offer and enjoy the ambience. The same is true of a well-designed website: optimization really helps strengthen your brand and gives your customers that all-important positive user experience.

The Christmas TV advert

If you appreciate the influence you can gain by using appropriate images on your business website, you will also recognize that video, just like TV ads, has the capacity to tell a story with which customers can empathize. Among the best TV adverts are those that make you laugh, make you nostalgic, encourage you to be thoughtful and kind or prompt you to celebrate. If this seems like a tall order for a business website then you just haven’t found the right ingredients yet.

Website Recipe

Among the most important features of a successful website are:

  • Clear, authoritative and focused text without unnecessary jargon.
  • Good quality, relevant photos that will draw the eye and clarify the written information.
  • Video that further elucidates the copy, perhaps by providing vital background details or demonstrating a process.
  • Optimum usability so that visitors can easily interpret and navigate content.

The aim of combining these ingredients is to achieve an impact that is thought-provoking and positive. Learning styles differ and some people who prefer visual cues find it easier to understand concepts if there are images and associated keywords to guide them. In addition, blocks of text benefit from being broken up, as they are easier to read, and the addition of quality images adds a professional touch to the overall look of your business site.

Given the right combination of ingredients, customers are more likely to concentrate on your company message, and if your images are compelling, to remember it. In addition, the longer they dwell on your pages the higher your search engine optimization (SEO) rating is going to be. That’s an important added benefit, because it makes your site more likely to attract even more hits.

Sources and Suppliers

While taking a DIY approach to building your business website is certainly possible, there are a few things to be aware of if you are keen to achieve a truly professional finish. For example, you might know your business service or product inside out in terms of details; this, however, does not necessarily mean you will write well about it in a way that draws in and engages your intended audience. Professional writers can respond to a good brief, adhering to the specifications you as their client prefer, to deliver quality writing that meets your business needs.

Likewise, personal photos can be used, particularly if you are keen to emphasize your photography skills. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that video and stock photos from reputable sources are generally of higher quality and will often retain their integrity when they are successfully uploaded. Also, when it comes to stock photos, there are free as well as paid options.

Undoubtedly, video has a powerful role in terms of website design. Depending on the material you choose, you may find you are stamping a particular personality on your company, as well as strengthening your connection with site visitors and increasing your brand reach. All of this encourages regular repeat visits to your company website and helps you stand out from your competitors. Memorable video content can entertain as well as drive additional traffic to your site: you will get your message across quickly and engage with visitors in a meaningful way.

Bringing it All Together

In today’s fast moving business world, marketing that has the ability to attract, engage with and ensure repeat visitors to your website is vital to company success. This is why quality website design and the use of professional copy and images has risen up the agenda for many commercial concerns. The days when search engines responded to the number of keywords stuffed in website text are long gone – now quality of content is all. This applies to standards of writing as well as the caliber of visual material.

Taking the right steps to place your company among those that have the best virtual window display and the best virtual TV ad will enhance your opportunities for success. It doesn’t matter which business sector your firm inhabits – quality and innovation will win out. Therefore, it pays to keep in touch with online marketing trends and respond accordingly. For example, firms are increasingly making use of online chat responses to customer queries, and integrating features such as voice searches to improve usability. Keep a careful eye on the latest trends to avoid falling behind and losing your share of the business market.