Personal Characteristics That are Shared by the Very Best Entrepreneurs

They say that entrepreneurs have that ‘natural’ ability to turn opportunities into profits. There have been all sorts of studies conducted on what make successful business people tick, but if one were to analyze the very best individuals some personal characteristics would become very clear.

We’re not necessarily talking about the ability to crunch numbers at record speeds. Instead, we’ve compiled the following characteristics, which are seemingly shared by the very best entrepreneurs around.


The commitment is there for all to see

If someone isn’t committed to something, the chances of it failing are pretty high. This is one of the core characteristics of the entrepreneurs we analyzed, and let’s kick off by looking at an example.

George Bardwil is the sole owner of Bardwil Industries and with this now covering three states, it’s fair to say that it’s a successful company. However, we’re going to hone in on Bardwil’s personal life to highlight how commitment can play a fundamental part in business success. This is a family man, who despite separating from his wife Lisa Montana has remained a close friend. These personal commitments also stretch to his business, and he regularly receives rave reviews on how committed he is to the cause from his sixty plus employees.

In other words, if someone displays commitment at home in their family life, the chances of this translating to the business environment are heightened.

Their people skills are second to none

The previous section leads perfectly onto this next point. From all the entrepreneurs we looked at, they all had fantastic people skills. If we bring up the Bardwil example again, the fact he gets on so well with his ex-wife highlights his personal skills and how such positive communication could be used to great effect in business.

We don’t need to reel off the benefits of people skills; if you can talk effectively to people, you can sell your product or service effectively as well. In the case of employees this might just be getting them to buy into your idea, but this can be a huge advantage to have.

They can listen

As well as communicating, another important personal trait we found was the ability to listen.

While most entrepreneurs have a natural feel for a lot of decisions, it would be fair to say that they still rely on their team on countless other occasions. It means that listening for feedback is crucial – if they can’t do this mistakes will be made over and over again.

They take on goals

The final personal characteristic we’re going to look at is goal setting. The very best entrepreneurs are more than happy to be goal-orientated; they will constantly be setting them and putting together a process which will allow them to achieve them. This links with the fact that many are very strategic and will always have a process up their sleeve to meet the goal they have set.