How to Build a Mobile Live Video Streaming App

A streaming website and its mobile counterpart are like two peas in a pod. And nowadays, it’s hard to imagine any respectable streaming service without a mobile equivalent. Take any big Video on Demand (VOD) player today. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, every VOD service offers mobile access to their offerings. The truth is, it’s a need today, considering that about 54% of video consumption happens on mobile devices. If you’re thinking of adding a mobile streaming service to your existing VOD platform, or thinking of introducing a whole new service composed of desktop and mobile video streaming services, this article is for you. Get started with your mobile streaming service right here.

Pick a Technology

Picking a platform and building a framework can seem daunting. On this journey, you will be faced with two alternatives; should you build a native application or a hybrid one?

A native application is engineered for a specific mobile operating system whereas a hybrid one is supported across operating systems. While a native application seamlessly integrates with a mobile platform absorbing the user in an engaging, exclusive experience, a hybrid application is quicker to develop as it can be easily released across platforms. But what if we said you could get the experience of a native platform in the launch time of a hybrid one? With Streamhash’s mobile streaming application, you can. A turnkey technology that has been designed in a variety of operating system versions, Streamhash is the perfect solution for iOS and Android.

Decide Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Once you’ve identified the nature of your streaming content and the technology that will host it, it’s time to zero in on the attributes that will constitute your MVP. Your MVP is your product skeleton. Think of the most basic features that you’d like to launch your platform with, to see how well it pilots. This way, you’ll know at the outset what your offerings lack, where you need to focus and what you need to improve. Also, your costs will be at an all-time low, so you will have the liberty to experiment with your offerings. Here are some items you must think of incorporating in your MVP:

User Login and Sign-Up

Think about including sign-in enablers from social media platforms and digital accounts on your platform. A user, for instance, should be able to sign in using a Facebook or Google account. This is also a feature that Streamhash offers.

User Profile

By letting users create profiles, you can draw unique analytics about viewership, preferences and trends. Using this data, you can create customised recommendations, promotions and marketing material aimed at specific segments of users. A user profile is your keyhole into a user’s heart.

Activation of Video Streaming

This is your core service, so it must be built into your MVP. Since your product is built on live streaming, make sure you have built a pool of credible broadcasters by the time you start piloting.

Reviews and Recommendations

Consider adding a recommendations that users can fill. This can help other users with media selection. Ideally, this section should be mediated to maintain the sanctity of the platform. Also, add a rating system that users can complete by assigning stars.

Search Box

Technologies like Streamhash come fitted with a search box that will let your users discover content and broadcasters on your platform.

Launch Your Full-Fledged Mobile Streaming Application

Once you’ve tested your MVP and have validated the results, go ahead and launch your product with all its auxiliary features. Here are some additional features you can think of introducing:


Geolocation is a great way for users to connect to broadcasters on the other end of the world. By opening a map that features coloured pins marking live broadcasts, users can click on a broadcast of their choice to view it in real-time. This is a great tool if your platform offers live feeds.


Sometimes, broadcasters may not want to stream to a public audience. They may want to address a select number of viewers, or speak to specific users with a shared interest. By activating a limited audience setting, you are empowering broadcasters to channel their content to a limited set of viewers.

Push Notifications

Notify users when there’s an interesting broadcast in the pipeline by triggering a push notification to their phones!

The additional features that you could plug into your MVP don’t usually come with open market streaming applications. However, there are specialised teams that can customise your app to meet your requirements. Reach out to the team at Streamhash to create a made-to-order app just the way you imagined!

Monetise Your Mobile Streaming Application

Your revenue streams on a mobile streaming platform could stem from the following popular options:

Paid Application

Price your app on the app store for a minimal fee and draw your revenues from there. However, a paid app warrants quality content. Otherwise, your download rate will be extremely low.


Classify some features of your app as chargeable, and the rest as free. To gain access to chargeable features, a user must pay an access fee.

Advertisements and Classifieds

If you don’t want to levy a charge on users to access your app, consider setting up an advertisement feature. Attract advertisers onto your platform and play ads before and during content features.

Market Your Mobile Streaming Application

Package, price and promote your streaming application by using some simple tips and tricks.

Introduce Cutting-Edge Features

Explore opportunities for features that haven’t yet been introduced in the market. Think of something that users need, that hasn’t been fulfilled through a mobile streaming application yet. Geotagging of rock concerts in a geography, for instance is something that could be tapped.

Promote Application

Feature your application in the app store to gain downloads. Social media and digital promotions could also help with micro-targeting of customers.

Use a Fantastic Theme

The advantage with a ready technology like Streamhash is that it comes armed with a multitude of fabulous themes. This can transform the way users perceive your app.

Today, there’s more potential for video content on mobile devices than there is, on desktops. With so many industries yet to make a foray into mobile video, there’s a sea of untapped opportunity. Dive in.