The Best Festivals in Europe This Summer

Thank God summer is here, this can only mean one thing, yes that’s right the festival season is upon us. The time of year we can let our hair down, kick back and relax whilst listening to our favourite bands whilst generally not caring about the world. I’ve been lucky over the years and have had the privilege of visiting many festivals during this special time of year, from little festivals with only a handful of people to the big festivals with  100,000 in attendance.

The Best Festivals in Europe This Summer

These great events have all got one thing in common, bringing together like minded people to party the night away, listen to great music and generally immerse ourself’s in the atmosphere that you only get at a festival. What I like about festivals is the openness and feeling of freedom that comes with them, whether that’s running around half naked jumping in to puddles of mud or, having a beer with a stranger you have just met and then sharing a moment that only comes with seeing a live band. Then of course there’s the walking around the campsite where people are openly smoking marijuana without a care in the world. Oh the unforgettable smell of the legendary OG Kush weed still makes me smile, you know you’re at festival when you smell it. For the best OG Kush seeds visit

We’re very lucky in Europe to have some of the best festivals in the world with many international bands headlining the main stages, making them the place to be over summer. After all, a summer without a festival isn’t really a summer at all.

So if you’re planning on going to a festival this summer here are my 3 top festivals you should be attending.


Where? Somerset, England

When? 24th-28th June

Glastonbury is the largest green field festival in the world attracting almost 200,000 people, making this festival extra special with an atmosphere to die for. This is usually my first festival of the season and is a good one to start with, there are many stages with some well know bands playing everything from rock to country blues which means this festival has something for everyone.

Reading and Leeds Festival

Where? Reading, England and Leeds, England

When? 28th-30th August

Reading and Leeds has long being a favourite of mine. Head to the city that is closer to you because these festivals have the same line up, but how does this work? You can’t be in two places at once? Well the clever thing about the Reading and Leeds festival is that the first band to play at the Reading festival will play the last set at Leeds festival. Although both festivals started out as Rock festivals, over the years they have become more open to other genres of music.


Where? Munich, Germany

When? September 19th – October 4th

To finish off the festival season is a trip abroad to the magnificent Oktoberfest for some German hospitality, with over 2 weeks of partying, watching great bands and of course lots of beer. German beer is the best in the world, which is why this festival revolves around the consumption of it.