MLB All Star 2015 Fanfest and Game Schedule

The Major League Baseball All Star Game and its festivities are the stuff of dreams for baseball fans young and old. The game and festivities will take place over a five-day period from July 10th to July 14th. Here are some things to look out for and attractions that might intrigue you as a fan.

mlb all star game

Home Run Contest

Fans young and old enjoy the home run contest. The younger audience loves seeing the ball fly over the fence while the older and more seasoned fans enjoy the pure, powerful swings. The field has not been chosen yet, but it will attract some of the most powerful and electrifying hitters that the MLB has to offer. Take some time and pick a favorite once the lineup comes out. Turn it into a contest with friends and family to test your skills. The contest will take place on July 13th.

AL Vs. NL All Star Game

This is the main event of the weekend as the best players from the National League and American League face off. The winner of the game has home field advantage in the World Series. This is the incentive for both leagues to bring out their best players as home field advantage is as important in baseball as it is in any other sport. This game will take place on July 15th.

All Star Video Game Zone

This is a place to test your swing on a PlayStation 4. Kids and parents will both enjoy blowing off some steam with baseball video games. Fans will be able to see the newest releases as well as some games that have not come out yet. This will be open throughout Fanfest if you want to test your skills.

Collectors Showcase

Collectors of sports cards, memorabilia, and autographs will love the Collector’s Showcase. Every year, one of the largest collections of baseball memorabilia is on display. Collectors will find rare collections that they might not be able to see anywhere else. There is a small fee to rent a table but, with the number of collectors present, you might find somebody’s dream autograph.

Celebrity All Star Game

The celebrity and former pros game is one that fluctuates in the number of participants from year to year. The fences are moved in and the fans will get a few laughs from their favorite celebrities trying to play baseball like a pro. Likewise, be ready to be amazed by the athletic talent of some of the better celebrity baseball players. The pitching is slow so it allows the players to knock quite a few home runs out of the park. On July 13th at around 7:30 pm central time this game will get started. Don’t miss out on some laughs!

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If you are lucky enough to visit the Fanfest and MLB All Star game, cherish the fan experience. It is a unique opportunity.