The Beaches of Cape Town, South Africa

When one hears of South Africa, images of the hot sweltering sun are what usually come to mind. Thus, it is normal for people to look for something to beat the heat, and in Cape Town, the best way to do just that is by taking a dip in one of its many beautiful beaches.

Camps Bay

This is no doubt one of the most scenic seaside suburbs that one can ever visit. The neat lines of trendy restaurants with their wonderful architecture and international cuisines, and the beautiful backdrop of the Twelve Apostles Mountain and the adjacent Tabletop Mountain make this place picture perfect. The stretch of white sand in the beach is playground to hunks and chicks go to show off their lean, bronzed bodies. This beach is not for those with supermodel-like bodies though, as one will see many families enjoying and vacationing in the beach as well. Aside from swimming, there are other activities that will surely give tourists a lot of fun like surfing and surf skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, and others. There are also outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by those who are tired of basking in the sun and swimming in the waters. They include taking a hike in the Twelve Apostles Mountain or the Tabletop Mountain. There are also sporting facilities for those looking for some cricket, squash and tennis matches.


This suburb, with its sea-facing apartments and residential, is one of the most frequented places by travellers to Cape Town. There are four white sand beaches in Clifton, and although the beach in general caters to all people and visitors, keen observance will show that each beach is most popular among certain groups of people. For example, in the First Beach, it is normal to see more lean and athletic people than any other group, while in the Fourth Beach one would normally see families having fun. The Second and Third Beach, on the other hand does not cater to any special group, though you may see more homosexuals there than in any other beach.


This is one of the most secluded beaches in the area, which is why many of the elites take residence in this remarkably beautiful place. Like the other beaches mentioned above, Llandudno has a good stretch of white sand which makes it ideal for a stroll. Of course, swimming is also as long as you can brave the cold waters of the Atlantic. When you visit the place, be sure to pack a lot of snacks and food since there are no commercial establishments nearby in case you suddenly get hungry. You may also want to shop Rio beach chairs ahead of time to arrive with all the beach essentials.

Picturesque beaches and lovely suburbs are what you see when you visit any of these gorgeous and enchanting beaches in Cape Town, South Africa. The beautiful residential settings, the lush mountain backdrops, the bluish-green waters crashing to the snow-white sandy beaches – these are the things that summer postcards and lasting vacation memories are made of. … Photo by 30480398@N08 on Flickr