Simple Solutions for Dealing with Work-Related Stress

Struggling to deal with stress during work hours is something many Americans endure on a consistent basis. Between rush hour, work overload, endless emails, bosses, coworkers, deadlines and a plethora of other taxing duties—it’s fair to say that stress is simply a normality of modern-day working.

Simple Solutions for Dealing with Work-Related Stress

Unsurprisingly, nearly 35 percent of Americans today suffer from work-related stress, which is a disturbing statistic, being as though stress can physically and mentally harm you. That’s why when you get home from a long day of work, it’s becomes imperative that you actively involve yourself in things that help to alleviate stress while rejuvenate your mood and cognitive function.

Here are easy, yet extremely effective solutions for dealing with stress when you come home from work:


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, cocooning is a simple technique that involves gently massages your eyelids, jawbone, ears and temple region using only your fingertips while your palms are placed delicately on your cheekbones. It may sound strange, but this simple method of relaxation is anything but silly—and is totally worth the awkwardness when family members stare at you.

Get your Feet Vertical

This goes especially important for those who endure long hours on their feet. Pick an open area in your home while lying flat on the floor and lifting your legs up against the wall. Allow the wall to support your legs and focus on your breathing. In doing so, you’re allowing blood flow to circulate away from your legs, which helps decrease your risk of varicose veins.

Get your Body Horizontal

Now, spending too much on the couch isn’t something you should be doing for long hours of the night when returning home from work; however, an hour or two of television might be just the right medicine for keeping your mind away from work-related stress. TV packages from DIRECTV is an example of one service provider that offers its customers with a variety of premium, cost-effective program options for diverse television viewing.


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic practice of utilizing natural oils and herbs, which are extracted organically from flowers, bark, roots, leaves and stems to soothe your nervous system. Aromatherapy is best applied with warm water in the bath tub, as the essential oils helps to alleviate physical and mental stresses.


Having a sense of humor is incredibly important when dealing with work-related stress and anxiety. Laughter helps to put things in perspective, while lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins, strengthening your immune system and boosting energy. A good belly laugh can relieve tension for over 45 minutes, so don’t assume laughter is only a temporary benefit.


Quite possibly the most effective resource you have when attempting to overcome work-related stress. Sure, after a long day’s of work, lacing up your sneakers and jogging out the door can feel like the absolute LAST thing you want to do; however, after you exercise, your mind and body will thank you. After exerting yourself in physical activity, you experience a plethora of short and long-term benefits, which include: weight loss, better mood, improved cognitive function, improved skin complexion, alleviation of social anxiety, better self-esteem, normalize sleep pattern, a lowered risk of injury and healthier heart and bones.