The Main Benefits of Switching to an E-Cigarette


It’s no secret that smoking is extremely bad for your health, and is linked to a series of health problems including more serious issues such as lung cancer and heart disease. But, once you start smoking, it is a very addictive habit, with many smokers who wish that they’d be able to quit in order to become healthier finding that actually kicking the habit is much more difficult than they’d imagined. However, as governments and health providers begin to put more effort into promoting smoking cessation, e-cigarettes have been hugely popular as a method of kicking the habit by switching to a less dangerous, healthier alternative. We’ve listed just some of the main benefits of switching from regular cigarettes to an e-cigarette.

Health Benefits

One of the main reasons why people choose to quit smoking is to improve their health. Ian Weisberg, MD, says that smoking not only causes and contributes to serious health problems, it can also take its toll on your body during the day-to-day, with many smokers suffering from issues such as shortness of breath, chest pains when exercising, bad breath, dental problems, and more. Switching to an e-cigarette means that you will no longer be inhaling chemicals such as carbon dioxide and tar which are some of the biggest contributors to the health problems that smokers face. E-cigarette liquid is designed to contain nicotine, so smokers don’t need to go through the withdrawal symptoms whilst being able to reap the benefits of quitting tobacco.

Financial Benefits

For smokers, switching to an e-cigarette isn’t just good for their health, it can also be awesome for their pocket. In general, smokers who change to an e-cigarette find that they save a lot of money as there’s no need to replenish their cigarettes daily. Although good e-cigarettes can be costly initially, this is definitely a good investment as after just a few days of not purchasing regular cigarettes, a pack-a-day smoker has already paid for their new device! Often, the idea of having more money available for spending elsewhere is a very appealing one which motivates many smokers to quit. With an e-cigarette, you don’t have to completely give up nicotine, but you can still save money by making the switch.

Social Benefits

Many smokers start the habit as a ‘social’ thing, perhaps whilst meeting with friends who smoke or retreating to the smoking area at work in order to converse with colleagues. However, social smoking can quickly turn into a hard-to-kick habit, and many smokers also find that they miss their friends and find themselves at a loss of what to do when they try and quit. This is why e-cigarettes are so effective as those who use them can still go outside and socialize in smoking areas without having to feel left out. E-cigarettes cause the least disruption to your routine than most other methods of quitting smoking, which is just one of the reasons why they’re so popular.

For smokers, switching to an e-cigarette can be very beneficial for their health, finances, and social life.