Ride Your Business to More Success

Photo by CC user Seitan1006 on Flickr.

When running a business, you have to go above and beyond what competitors do in order to outdo your competition.

So, as 2016 closes and 2017 dawns, can you say that you have done all you could have over the last 12 months to be the best? If not, you could be putting your brand at a sizeable disadvantage in the coming months. In the event that occurs, will you be able to survive the New Year when all is said and done?

For those in the business of transporting consumers or letting them in actuality transport themselves, timing is of the essence.

Nothing irritates a consumer more than knowing that he or she will be late to an event, heading off for travel etc. due to someone running behind. When that happens, it can mean that the consumer will go elsewhere for their transportation needs when they arise.

So, if you’re in the business of getting people from Place A to Place B via drivers or allowing the user to transport themselves, how can you go about doing it in a way that leaves consumers raving about you (in a good way)?

Technology and Communication Proving the Difference

So that your business of consumer transportation from this place to that place goes as smoothly as possible, start by looking at the technology you are using.

In the event you have not used car sharing technology up to this point, is it time for you to go that direction in 2017?

With car sharing technology, your business is ultimately able to take care of more riders and still provide a stellar customer service experience.

Such software allows you to put in motion the following steps for the best car sharing experiences:

  • Customers take advantage of a custom-branded app, allowing them to register for and utilize your service (similar to renting a car from the well-known rental agencies, but these “rentals” can be as short as an hour or so;
  • Securely see the identity and driving records of each and every user;
  • User is able to put in a request for one of the available vehicles that is close by;
  • That request is then forwarded to the main technology engine, the Cloud;
  • As vehicle availability is searched, the information is then passed along to the Cloud;
  • Once a vehicle is chosen, it is reserved and set aside for the customer;
  • The user app is then alerted so that the individual is aware of the reservation;
  • Once the ride is completed, the user leaves the vehicle in a predestined area.In the end, that is a win-win for you and the customers you service.

Promoting Your Car Sharing Business

As great as your car sharing business may be what if too few consumers know about it? This is where the right marketing of your brand becomes so important.

For example, keep in mind that car sharing has not been around for decades and decades, so it is quite possible that many consumers are not aware of what it involves.

While you can send out a press release or two to the local media outlets, you are best-served by having a winning website, along with being as active as possible on social media sites. Those sites should include having pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. You can even put out some YouTube videos to show just how car sharing actually works.

From there, be sure to monitor the traffic you get on both your website and on your social pages. This is important from the standpoint that you want that traffic to grow on a monthly basis.

Lastly, make sure you keep on delivering a stellar product and/or service.

By doing so, it is more likely consumers will refer you their friends and family, increasing your customer numbers sooner rather than later.

When you have technology and a good brand promotion plan in your corner, you have the ability to ride your business to more success.