Finding Art in The Ebb And Flow of Daily Life

The Wonder of the Mundane

Every photograph you own is potentially an impressionist painting of the highest artistic grade. Technology brings many blessings—and many curses—to the modern appreciator of the aesthetic. But blessings are a much more enjoyable topic of discussion!

The way this works is through techniques that can print a picture onto a canvas, allowing professional artisans to properly color it. There is a slight curse in this: the craftsmanship of yesteryear which would define a truly talented person is no longer so visible as once it was. But on the other hand, anything can be turned into a family heirloom that transcends the test of time.

There is wonder in every moment of life. A great example can be taken from the gutted broken thoroughfares of a bustling megalopolis like Los Angeles. Where some may see only dilapidation and neglect, others look at the scene with an eye silhouetted in artistry, and soon another story emerges.

What they see is a land of fast-paced change. The derelict alley is the cast-off shell of an earlier time. It’s the snakeskin of a python who has moved on. It’s the fallout of advance. It is a bittersweet reminder that progress leaves regress in its wake. It is the cradle of broken dreams, and a dire warning against idealistic materialism, or uninformed forays into the world of big city life.

When you realize such descriptions can properly describe hidden truths in a neglected empty thoroughfare, consider what hidden beauty hides in areas of life where even the uninitiated can recognize greatness. A magnificent sunset or a simple grassy hillside can be the harbinger of untold wonders and epiphanies.


A World of Enchantment Is Around Every Corner

This is the magic of artistry: it reveals things to us about reality that we would likely have no other way of knowing. Such profound simplicity is certainly one of the reasons animal art has become popular. More and more often, people are memorializing their pets through modern technology. Because of modern technology, this process is more cost-effective, speedy, and attainable than ever.

According to, a professional pet portrait artist can turn your photos into works of art, even adding slight modifications—and quickly: “Painting time is about 7 days. Minor modifications are allowed, such as removing objects, thinning bodies, or smoothing out faces.”

This is a great way to ensure the four-footed family members in your household receive the recognition they deserve. Animals aren’t just some automated furry accidents that have spun off in eddies from the river of life. They are their own unique entities, complete with their own individual personalities, idiosyncrasies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Love

Your dog may have the boldness to attack a mountain lion yet go into spasms of yips and trembles, running under the couch with its tail between its legs when some firework explodes somewhere or an old car backfires.

Your cat may be the most friendly creature in the world, willing to purr just because you’re in the room, play with anything you drag before its field of vision, and defend you against what it perceives as threats. But that same cat may not be able to figure out that when its hindquarters aren’t in the litter box, though its head and shoulders may be, its droppings will not land in the sand.

We all have pets, and they’re part of our family. There’s no harm in remembering them. If you have favorite photos of your dogs or cats, today’s technology allows you to memorialize them in a way which reveals features of their character a simple photograph cannot.


Girl and Dog:

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