10 Reasons Indoor Plant Hire is So Popular in Office Buildings

Indoor plant hire allows you to have greenery in your office while outsourcing their time-consuming maintenance costs ... photo by CC user Narutodude000 on wikimedia

Most of us love indoor plants because they not only look beautiful, they also provide a fresh and outdoor feel to our internal spaces. This reasoning is just as appropriate for office buildings, as it is for our homes and we see many employees taking plants to work and lovingly installing them in their offices.

A mismatched mix of plants and flowers in an office building however, is possibly not the best way to advertise a business. An alternative is to engage an indoor plant hire company who will supply as many plants as required, feed and water them and replace the plants as needed.

There are lots of other reasons to have plants indoors, particularly in office buildings:

  1. The number, type and styling of the indoor plants can be designed to complement your internal décor and give your business a more professional appearance.
  2. People always notice indoor plants, particularly when they are styled and presented well.
  3. Stylish planters and large plantings improve a visitor’s perception of your company.
  4. Plants help to reduce humidity in the air and improve the quality of the air.
  5. Indoor plants help to reduce stress in employees and in visitors. So if your employees work in a high stress environment or have to deal with the public, then a well-designed spread of indoor plants can help to lower the stress of the environment.
  6. Employees generally like indoor plants and working in an environment that is enhanced with pleasant groupings of plants can increase worker productivity.
  7. Plants help to reduce noise in internal spaces, which is particularly useful in office environments where sound carries long distances and open workspaces.
  8. A stylish spread of indoor plants can promote an environmentally friendly perception of your business within the community. Being more eco-aware and reducing our carbon footprint is important to many people and an array of wonderful indoor plants helps you take a step in the right direction.
  9. Plants help to improve the quality of the internal air within your office building and avoid the problems of ‘sick building syndrome’. This is where toxins are becoming far more prevalent in the air of sealed rooms and buildings – a function of our use of air-conditioning and not opening windows to let the breezes inside. In fact, many office building are designed with windows that cannot be opened.
  10. Plants help make us happy and happy employees are more productive, resulting in fewer days lost to sick leave.

So if you want to improve the internal spaces in your office building and improve productivity, check out Gaddy’s online for indoor plant hire in Sydney and make your office the envy of office workers everywhere.