Six Ways To Care For The Earth

All over the world, people celebrated earth day with messages spread about caring for the only earth we all have. However, while these messages are great, it is important to highlight the simple ways we can all care for the earth. This article discusses five easy ways we can all care for the earth.

  1. Grow Plants

Plants are an essential part of the ecosystem and growing them is an important way to care for the earth. When you grow plants, you replenish the greenery and you also help with air circulation as plants release oxygen and remove the carbon dioxide in the air. The good thing about growing plants is that you do not need a very large space for them. You can grow indoor plants in pots or carry out water propagation where you grow your plants in water.

  1. Plant Trees

With our world gradually gaining more commercial spaces, a lot of deforestation is going on as people seek to claim more spaces and wood is used while building more houses. Seeing how important trees are, it is necessary that more trees are planted. Trees play an important role in taking care of the earth. They help with air purification and often prevent erosion.

  1. Quit or minimize your smoking

Smoking affects the air and leads to air pollution which is not only harmful to you but also harmful to those around you. You should quit smoking or minimize your smoking as a a way of taking care of the earth. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize your smoking or to gradually quit smoking which is better because quoting cold turkey could be difficult on you. In place of smoking, you can get Swedish snus pouches which are tobacco pouches you can place in your mouth. This way, not only do you stop doing harm to your lungs, you also stop causing harm to the earth.

  1. Use less paper

Paper is made from trees. This means that to make paper, deforestation happens. By using less paper and fully adopting digital alternatives, you reduce deforestation as there will be less demand for paper and as such lower need to fell trees to make paper. As a replacement for paper, you can use writing apps. You can create online documents and send them to people without having to print out anything.

  1. Recycle

Recycling is taking things that are considered waste materials and converting them to reusable products. If you intend to care for the earth, recycling should become second nature. This way you do not put out non biodegradable waste into the earth like plastic material. Recycle all your plastic bottles, and cellophane bags.

  1. Save Water

Contrary to what a number of people believe, water is not an unlimited resource. With more droughts happen as a result of global warming, it is important to use less water. Do not leave the shower running when you are not using it. Do not leave your faucets running too. Try as much as possible to only use the necessary amount of water.

We have only one earth and it is important that we take care of it as much as we can.