Ladies, This is What We Really Want You to Wear

A girl once told me that women dress for themselves or for other women. If they dressed for men they wouldn’t dress at all; they’d just walk around naked all the time.


While that may be true, it doesn’t change the fact that there are certain things that girls wear that we as men really like. I mean really like. That being said, there are things that girls wear that  have me scratching my head in puzzlement, and sometimes they wear things that are so strange I wonder if a particular girl lost a bet and was forced to go out in a ridiculous outfit.

So ladies, take a note from us guys and read on to learn what it is that we really want you to wear.


Pencil Skirts

I know that tight skirts aren’t really a new trend, but the current one that calls for women to dress up like sexy librarians is okay in my book. This skirt reminds me of all of the teachers and other women of authority that I crushed on when I was a boy.

Make sure that you wear glasses with this skirt. And put your hair up in a bun. Maybe you could put a pencil in your hair too? Oh, and red shoes. There’s something about red shoes with a pencil skirt that make our jaws fall to the floor.


Yoga Pants

I’ve heard recently that there’s some sort of yoga pants shaming campaign going on. Supposedly, people don’t think it’s appropriate to wear yoga pants outside of the yoga studio, because “nobody wants to see you in yoga pants”

I think this nasty trend was started by those unfortunate souls who just don’t look good in yoga pants. Ladies, pay those naysayers no mind. We love you in yoga pants. Don’t ever stop doing what you do. Period.

A Sundress

For me, and a lot of other guys as well, there’s nothing quite like seeing a woman float by in one of those long, flowy dresses. There’s something so effortless and easy about it that makes that woman seem like the most easy going person on the planet.

The girl who can wear a dress like that is bound to be friendly, kind, funny, smart, and all of those other things that we want in a woman. Plus, those dresses always seem to be bordering on see-through, and that touch of mystery is captivating.

Jeans and T Shirt

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes the casual look is the best look. Sure, we guys like to dress up every now and then, but the truth is that we’re most comfortable in jeans or shorts and a T shirt, and if you’re dressed in a similar manner, we’re more comfortable with you.

Plus, graphic T shirts are a great way to express your individuality, and if you show up for a date wearing a vintage rock band T shirt, I’m going to think you’re the bees knees. Bonus points if the shirt is big enough to fit me, so i can borrow it from time to time.


While there are no clear rules about fashion, ladies should keep a few things in mind. Be comfortable, and… hell.

Ladies, keep one thing in mind.

Yoga pants. We love ‘em.

Photo credit to Grand Velas Riviera Maya via Flickr