Three Travel Hacks You Need to Use Right Now

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the last twenty years you’re likely familiar with the concept of “hacks”. And no, I don’t mean the hack that involves risky cyber security or anything like that, but the hack that allows you to change something so that it better works to your advantage.

The area of travel seems especially popular with those that come up with these hack lists, and, as a traveler, I’m always keen to learn ways to save time, packing space, and generally make my trip a better one.

While I haven’t tried all of these hacks, I have tried some of them and I can say that they work. Read on to discover simple ways that you can travel hack your way to a great holiday.



If ever there’s a part of my travel experience that needs to be hacked, it’s packing. I’ve usually been the guy who tosses everything in the backpack and doesn’t care. Who knew there is a science to it?


  • Roll your clothing. Folding your clothes is so yesterday. If you lay your garments flat, then roll them up, you not only save space in your bag but wrinkles are banished. Who knew?

  • Prevent spills. There’s nothing worse that opening your bag to find a puddle of shampoo, sunscreen, or other liquid. Prevent spills by wrapping your lids with duct tape. Leaks are banished and you’ll have some duct tape handy if you need it for something else.


On the Plane

Once you’re aboard the aircraft you’re limited to how much can be hacked. They tend to frown on people who try to rearrange the aircraft to suit their needs. However, there are a few things that you can do to make your time aloft more comfortable.


  • Buy internet service. If you’re on a flight that’s more than six hours long and it’s offered on your plane, buy the internet service. Not only does it relieve you of forced conversation with your seat mate, but you can get some work done before you land.

  • When to pee. If you’re like me airplane restrooms are the last place I want to be, at any time. However, the best time to use the lav is right when the pilot begins to descend. When you feel it, head to the bathroom immediately.

When You Arrive

You might think that your troubles are over when you arrive at your destination, but they’re not. Don’t worry though: there’s a hack for that.


  • Sprint for immigration. I’ll never know why people like to simply stroll off the plane. Don’t get caught in the crowd if at all possible. Make your way as fast as you can to immigration so you’re not stuck waiting.

  • Don’t unpack. There are some people that will tell you that you should always unpack, but I disagree. If you have something that needs to be wrinkle free, take it out of your bag. Take your toiletry items out too. Anything else can simply stay in the bag, which saves time when it’s time to leave.

Traveling is never easy, but if you employ a few of these tricks your experience might become a little bit more simple. Do you have some travel hacks to add to the list?

Photo credit to Toshiyuki IMAI via Flickr