The 2016 Menswear Styles Every Guy Should Try

With this last year marking the first only-menswear fashion week, men’s fashion has never been in a brighter spot, and stylish guys across the globe have plenty of inspiration to draw from. If you’re looking to update your closet this spring, consider these trendy 2016 menswear styles.


The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket: sleek, trendy, and looks good on almost every body type. The bomber jacket is the must-have outerwear this year, and the best facet of this piece is its ability to be dressed up or down. If you want something a little more unique than the classic black, try out olive green. This army hue is making a big splash and is surprisingly easy to match, plus it gives you a bit more of an edge in terms of the fashion world.

A Vintage Appeal

One awesome trend that’s been littering the runway pays homage to the dapper dudes of old in the form of Fifties shirts. What exactly is a fifties shirt? Think of oversized polos with a bit more flair and a whole lot more texture. As the shirts tend to be a little looser fit, make sure you complement the look with a tighter fit in the pants to ensure you’re not pulling off a shapeless, paper bag look instead. If you’re really daring, try out some silk options—you won’t believe how comfortable they are.

White Denim

Denim will never be out of style, but it does go through various trends every year. Brighten up your wardrobe with some stark white. White denim is here with a vengeance this year, and luckily, this closet option can be paired with pretty much everything (hint: navy and white isn’t just for sailors, and will make you look elegantly refined no matter the situation). Try contrasting colors and casual fabrics, and stick to cardigans if in doubt.

Dare to Go Suede

Suede is back in, boys. The seventies are making a comeback with the suede trend, and the great thing is this thicker jacket can work in spring and summer weather that isn’t always roasting. Suede jackets are usually on the pricier side of the spectrum, but a worthy investment as they work for multiple seasons. From Balmain to Belstaff, you won’t find it a struggle to find the right suede jacket fit for your everyday look.

Added Accessories

Gone are the days that men need to feel strange talking about and rocking accessories. The right accessory can pull an entire look together, and help any guy capture that suave look. From the classic statement watch to cool bracelets, think of every accessory as a finishing touch. Even the baseball cap has been given an overhaul this year; look for caps in different fabrics and textures, from snakeskin to suede. (See? Told you suede is back.) Accessories can help take you from work to night club, and change the entire look of an outfit with little investment and effort. Another accessory trend that actually serves an extremely practical purpose? The tailored backpacks showing up in the street styles of fashionable dudes everywhere. The top designers are coming out with their own version of the elegant men’s backpack, including Hermes and Louis Vuitton. With sumptuous fabrics and chrome hardware, it’s hard not to look good when carting around your business valuables in bags like these.

Some Good Old Chinos

Take a page from the prep school kids and rock some chinos this spring. These aren’t the same-old run of the mill school uniform chinos. The slim fit and flattened front of these Bonobo chino pants make them perfect for the casual business wear and takes any guy from the office to after work happy hour with no effort. From light grey to salmon, chinos come in every color imaginable, so don’t be afraid to branch out to the pastels as the weather continues to warm up.

If you’re looking to overhaul your wardrobe this year with the latest menswear trends and fashions, grab the items from this list. From coif accessories to classic chinos, decades-old revivals to fashionable backpacks, these items can be incorporated into every personal style and will make worthy additions to your closet.