A trendy woman’s guide to fall fashion


Don’t be complacent – summer will soon be over and soon we’ll be raking leaves, eating just a bit too much pumpkin pie after dinner, and turning our furnaces on in the evenings.

On that note, there is no time better than the present to wow your friends with your new fall look. Take a look in your closet – chances are, most of your warm clothes are either worn out or dated.

Have no idea what to alter when it comes to your look? Look to fashionistas such as Gina Benderson, as these people live for the latest designs, trends, and fads.

They don’t even have to work in the industry – Gina is an IT researcher,  but she still finds time to keep current on the latest looks in her free time.

Want to make this autumn the one where you began to look trendy again? Check out our guide and be sure to take notes you can refer while out shopping.

1) Dress in fashionable layers

The first chilly morning in months will come as a shock to many, leading many to dress as if winter were about to arrive. However, many afternoons can get as warm as a summer’s day, making it important to plan ahead.

Wearing layers of fashionable clothes can help you solve this conundrum, as they can be removed or donned, depending on what the situation calls for.

Base layers should be able to wick sweat, keeping you dry underneath, while your top should easily keep out cold air.

While it may not seem obvious, the layers should be color compatible, as borders will be visible to the public (wrists, neckline, and waist), so keep that it mind when you are assembling outfits.

2) Give ponchos a shot

Ponchos have been a daring addition to the fashion scene in recent times, and despite what you might think, you can totally pull it off.
This type of sweater might seem unusual to you, as it has no arm holes, but once you get used to it, its bold patterns and warm material will make this bold piece of clothing your new favorite thing to wear in casual situations.

3) Accessorize autumn style

Autumn has a lot going for it fashion wise, as the diversity of colors and clothing that are available leaves the door open for a wide diversity of accessories.

Scarves are a great start, as they guard you from elements that get progressively rougher later in the season, and they present a variety of ways to give yourself a signature look.

Fedoras are hot this year as well, as they look classy and help keep your head warm in cool conditions.

4) Four words: knee-high leather boots

Fall is no place for dainty sandals.

At the same time, though, many closed-toe shoes are far too conservative and boring. When the weather calls for it, however, busting out a pair of knee high leather boots will allow you to tackle inclement days with an air of badassery.

With protection from water and slush, you’ll arrive at work looking professional and like a person who is ready to shake things up.