Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power

Solar power is constantly gaining popularity and we all need to consider it since it is something that can literally change the world we live in. Using sun as an energy source brings in so many interesting advantages. However, solar power technology is not as advanced as people may think at the moment. The photovoltaic cells that convert the light of the sun into electricity are highly advanced but they are not perfect. In order to see if this is an option for you and you should consider getting solar panels for your home, here are the man advantages and disadvantages to know about solar power.

Solar Power Advantages

Solar energy stands out as a resource that is highly sustainable and that is completely renewable. We can so easily utilize solar power in order to generate electricity. One of the biggest advantages associated with it is that the technology behind it is relatively simple. Water heating with the use of solar energy is particularly simple and skylight usage during home construction is going to drastically reduce energy expenditure necessary to light a room during a day. Architectural benefits of including solar panels are normally dismissed but they should be considered by those that have access to the technology.

Maintenance needed for solar panels is minimal. After optimization and installation, reliability remains high as the panels actively create the energy necessary without the use of some mechanical parts. Adding mechanical parts to any system can lead to eventual failure. The solar panel is completely silent and would even work in the picky neighborhoods where sound issues are a concern. To make matters even more interesting, federal governments from all around the world are now introducing tax credits for the companies and individuals that actively invest in clean energy systems.

Solar Power Disadvantages

The most obvious disadvantage of using solar power is that you cannot create it during nighttime. Generated power can be reduced in the event cloud cover is present, making the technology less available in areas with constant weather problems. The output of the panels can only be maximized if they are directed towards the sun. Panels have to be in specific locations or a lower energy production is going to appear. An option to go over this problem is to create solar panel towers but that is not always practical for the homeowner.

One thing that few people know about is that even the highest efficiency solar cells used these days would only be able to convert around 20 percent of the rays into electricity. We do see many companies that perform research right now and technological advances often happen but we are still far away from the optimum technology we all want.

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On the whole, solar power is definitely an option that can be considered but it is not as perfect as some may want you to think. Even so, it is still a wonderful opportunity that would help lower utility bills. Initial investments are high but the savings will cover them.

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