Five tips to improve your posture

Having good posture is much more than looking smart and not slouching. Your posture is linked to a wide range of medical problems, so looking after your body through good posture is very important. Bad posture when sitting can cause both short-term and long-term back and neck problems as well as a range of other issues.

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People who work at a desk are particularly prone to such issues and having bad posture can lead to bigger problems later on in life. If you are feeling back and neck pains, then you need to look into the cause and find some solutions to your bad posture.

Don’t worry; there is no suggestion that you should start walking around the house with a pile of books balanced on your head!

Here are a few of the best ways to improve your posture:

  1. Adjust your chair at work – You might not realise it, but the height and angle of your chair may be causing you issues. If it is set at the wrong height, it can lead to you developing a crouched-over posture. If you continue to suffer from pain, then you can get an assessment to see if you need any special adjustments made.
  1. Adjust the level of your PC screen – Again, if you work at a desk all day then you could have your equipment set up incorrectly. You should have your screen at eye level to ensure that you are not bending over or slouching. This can also be assessed to ensure you’re not suffering from this problem.
  1. Get a new bed or mattress – Your bed plays a significant part in supporting your posture, and if you have a bed that isn’t supporting you very well, then you should look at replacing it. Alternatively, look at replacing your mattress with a memory foam one. Many people complain about memory foam mattresses being hot, where they are getting too warm at night so make sure you follow guidelines about how to keep them cool.
  1. Don’t carry heavy bags – In modern life, people tend to take a lot of belongings around with them regularly. From overloaded handbags to heavy laptop bags, these can put a real strain on your body, and if the weight is being held all on one side, then the problem is even worse. If you have to carry heavy belongings, try to even the weight out.
  1. Exercise – Regular exercise strengthens muscles and enhances the body’s ability to assume a natural, good posture. When walking or running, concentrate on how your body is positioned and make sure that you are following the correct posture. You should walk on the balls of your feet and keep your shoulders fall slightly backwards.

If you follow all of these tips you will have a much better chance of reducing pain that comes from bad posture. Invest some time in getting your posture correct, or you may regret not taking action in years to come.

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