Why Leasing a Commercial Property Can Benefit Your Business

For startups seeking a new place to call home, working from a living room does have its advantages. Being able to get to work without waiting for a bus or being stuck in traffic is desirable, but at home, there are a multitude of distractions. Being interrupted by what’s on TV, background noise and even children are all unwelcome interruptions whilst trying to work.

If you need somewhere that is quiet, professional and easy to get to, leasing a commercial property can solve those problems. Commercial properties come in many forms and are suitable for all kinds of business. At the end of 2015, 41% of all commercial properties were for retail purposes, with 31% coming in the form of office spaces.

A Place to Call Home

Even if you only lease one on a temporary basis, a commercial property can bring all sorts of benefits to your business. The first one is that your company has a proper address which you can use on all of your legal forms. It also adds legitimacy to your business, especially if your new office, shop or warehouse is located in a business park, city centre or shopping centre.

Leasing a property with GVA Grimley gives you the benefit of having a professional environment to work in. Working in an area suited to your business’s needs rather than a makeshift home office will enable you to do a much better job. It also provides a venue for you to meet clients, customers, investors and even potential employees if you have an eye on growth.

Future Proofing

If you are leasing a commercial property for the first time, your business will have instantly gained useful experience for your future dealings. In knowing how to lease somewhere to work from, you will know what to expect when the time comes to moving offices.

You will be able to deal with all of the financials, paperwork and taxes such as Stamp Duty Land Tax. In time, you will also know how to budget for leasing costs, as well as how much (if anything) you need to pay in taxes.

Speaking of the future, in leasing a property rather than buying one outright, you are able to save money for future investments. This could be for new staff, new technology or even a new company vehicle. Rental costs can be surprisingly low, whilst they help you to familiarise your business with handling monthly expenses.