Kilimanjaro, Come Climb the Most Inviting of the Seven Summits

Around the world there are iconic natural landmarks that attest to the beauty of nature. There are natural underwater reefs and islands whose splendor stimulates our senses. On each continent you can find extensive cave networks that are breathtakingly beautiful, and forests like those that feature the Redwood trees that put perspective on the scale at which the planet can create.

But to truly appreciate how amazing our planet is we need to consider traveling to its largest natural landmarks, the mountains.  The seven summits are the highest mountain peaks on each continent. They are each impressive and all have distinctive attributes and features. Any one you choose to single out is impressive but perhaps the most beautiful and inviting is Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Here is a quick overview of the most famous of the seven summits and why Kilimanjaro is so special.

Africa – Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro at 19,341 feet is by far the largest mountain on the continent of Africa. Sitting in Tanzania, the mountain is one of the largest standalones on Earth. From nearly half of Tanzania and neighboring Kenya, you can see this mammoth natural structure with its partially snow covered peaks. Tis beauty and magnificence can’t be equaled or ignored and it is often cited as the most beautiful of the seven summits.

Climbing Kilimanjaro has become a great activity for climbers the world over. There are trails up Kilimanjaro leading to even its highest summit, Kibo, and each is well-traveled. From January to June climbers of all skill levels trek up the mountain and more than 85% make it crowning Kilimanjaro as the easiest of the seven summits to climb. The standard routes take climbers through a huge variety of ecosystems and is typically a 6 to 9 day trek. Climbers should hire a reputable tour company to make sure they take the safest route depending on the month you travel to Tanzania.

Asia – Mount Everest

At more than 29,000 feet Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Everest is a range of mountisn and from a distance it looks like several large peaks. It has two prominent peaks Carstensz Pyramid and Kosciuszko and both are remote and hard to reach. For those seeking to climb the mountain, the weather conditions including snow and icefall create major habits and have contributed to many dying and getting seriously injured. Climbing season begins in April each year and unpredictable weather can make things impossible. There is a complete infrastructure in place for any climbing attempts including transportation to the area, lodges and other accommodations and tour guides who can take you up the mountain. This mountain however is only for the most experienced climbers.

South America – Aconcagua

The largest mountain range in South America is the Andes and near the Chilean and Argentinean border sits the second largest mountain the world, Aconcagua. The mountain is a site to behold and beckons climbers to come and ascend it 22,841 feet. However, only thirty percent complete the climb because the trails are very steep and the altitude is quickly change crippling climbers and forcing them back down its slopes. Climbers start coming in November and up until March they take on the mountain. But as mentioned more often than not, the mountain will win.

All seven summits are incomparable, but Kilimanjaro stands out as the most beautiful and inviting.