Is It Time to Store Some of Your Life?

Is It Time to Store Some of Your Life? Only you can answer that question.
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Whether you are moving or you feel like you just do not have enough space at home for all of your belongings, a storage unit may be just the answer.

As many consumers know all too well, space can be at a premium at times around the home. With that being the case, what was a once relatively clutter-free environment has taken on a whole new look. That look, however, is not one you prefer others to see.

So, the options typically boil down to a major cleanout project or finding somewhere to go with the excess items, items you may in fact truly believe you will one day use again.

In the event you feel like Los Angeles storage or one closer to home may be the best answer for your storage needs, how will you go about selecting the best one?

For starters, doing your research is first and foremost on the importance list.

You want to make sure you find a company whose storage units are highly respected, well-maintained, and provide stellar customer service.

Breaking those important areas down, start with a company whose brand is well thought of within the community (whether that is where you live now or where you might be moving to).

Does the company have a long history in the community? Do you know others who have items stored there? Do their contract terms make it easy to sign up for and leave from when necessary? Lastly, do they offer any incentives to first-time customers or for those who have rented from them in the past?

You next move on to the all-important matter of a well-maintained storage facility.

The first item of business is where exactly the business is located.

You do not want to be going into a part of town that you may deem unsafe or is too far from where you are residing.

If you need storage during a move to a new home, check to see what the crime conditions are like for the neighborhood where your preferred storage unit is located. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you would feel safe with your possessions being at a facility in this area of town.

Avoid Having Ruined Possessions

Climate control is also an important factor in picking the best storage unit for your possessions.

The last thing you want to have to deal with is the possibility of mold etc.

With mold, you could unfortunately see some or many of your possessions damaged or even destroyed. Despite how much cleanup you try and do, some items could be beyond repair.

Another issue to shy away from is pests.

Make sure the facility is not in an area where bugs can easily access your unit.

Customers leaving unfinished food sitting around, management not emptying garbage cans, and floors not being swept etc. are all ingredients for trouble.

Lastly, make sure the area is properly secure, meaning locks work, there is good lighting, and there is no way on the inside of each unit that one customer can reach another customer’s items. Some units will have concrete walls in between units, while others may have simple fencing.

When it comes to the customer service you receive, it has to be top-notch.

Remember, you are paying a company on a monthly basis to house your goods, so you don’t want someone who takes a half-hearted effort into making sure they stay safe and secure.

You also want a storage unit company that will answer any and all questions you have.

Make sure you clearly understand all the terms of the contract before you put your name on it.

The last thing you want to end up happening is finding out you owe more than what you thought you had signed up for, you are charged excess fees etc.

Lastly, do not miss payments.

As you may or may not know (check the rules regarding your state), it is not uncommon for the storage company to be able to take charge of your possessions if you miss a couple of payments and do not respond to warnings.

Is it time to store some of your life? If it is, make sure you do your homework, finding the storage company best suited to host you and your items for the time being.