The Three Most Common Mistakes That Cause Pest Invasions

Pest Invasions such as ants are caused by avoidable situations...

Photo by CC user fat_tony on Flickr

The single most frustrating thing about domestic pests is that they cannot always be prevented. There is simply no guaranteed way to keep some types of uninvited guest out. For instance, things bed bugs, ticks, and fleas have little to do with whether your home is clean. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t much mind either way; bed bugs especially are no indication of a dirty house.

In fact, the only way to keep a home completely free of pests, all year round, is to maintain a robust level of bug and rodent protection. With regular inspections and preventative treatments, any pests that do make it indoors won’t be around for long. Click here to find out more about the benefits of professional inspections from Dawson’s Australia. Or, you can ask for specialist advice on an existing pest problem.

This guide to some of the most common causes of pest invasion will help you learn what to avoid and how to keep your home protected.

Mishandled Food Waste

This is the most common cause of rodent problems, by some margin. The trickiest part of this situation is that it isn’t always the fault of the homeowner who gets the mice or rats. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you take care of your food scraps in secure fashion if you have neighbours who can’t do the same. You may end up dealing with an invasion anyway, particularly if your home is in very close proximity to theirs.

Rodent problems are one of the few pest issues that can be directly linked to unclean conditions, though mice can make their way inside just to escape from the cold in some instances. If you want to protect your property, never leave food waste outside. It should always be placed in a sturdy container, with a lid that cannot be lifted by the wind. Always keep your kitchen clean and do not allow dirty plates and food scraps to accumulate.

Clutter and General Mess

Termites are really fond of cluttered houses, because they provide lots of places for hiding, nesting, and refuelling. For instance, stacks of old newspapers, magazines, and documents are a paradise for these bugs. Mice and rats are also fond of waste paper, because they can chew it up and use it to create nests. This is why you should avoid piles of clutter and debris; keep possessions in suitable places like cupboards, drawers, and cabinets.

If your home contains a lot of wooden furniture – particularly older, second hand items – keep a close eye out for signs of termites and other bugs. Wipe and dust these pieces at least once per month to keep them clean and free of dirt and grime. While it is quite rare for recycled furniture to introduce new bugs into a home, it is not unheard of. To be extra safe, spray second hand wood with an insecticide before you take it inside.

Complacency and Inertia

We’re all guilty of being a little lazy sometimes, especially when it comes to things like pest control. After all, it is hardly going to feel like an important issue if you know there aren’t any uninvited bugs or other critters in the house. The problem with this is the speed at which pests can invade and thrive. Just one bed bug, flea, or termite can enter your home and lay scores of eggs. Once they hatch, you have the start of an infestation.

This is why homeowners need to take action as soon as they see even one bug. Where there is one, there are sure to be more, even if you can’t spot them. So, don’t put the solution off when you could call in the pest experts and eliminate it in the early stages. Even if you’re not sure that what you have seen is a pest, you can call up a pest control service and request some advice and information.