Improve Your Managing Power In The Workplace

If you’re fairly new to management, just received a promotion, or perhaps you’re a seasoned manager who has relaxed into less than ideal habits, there are a handful of key areas to focus on and improve to power-up your managing skills. Being a better manager can help with productivity, growth, employee relations, satisfaction, and the work environment.

Communicate Better

Communication is the cornerstone of great management. It takes an appropriate balancing of speaking and listening; being clear and thoughtful; acting and reacting appropriately; and possessing the skills to create effective communiques and messaging. Direction and delivering information should be done both verbally and in writing, not always one or the other, to improve clarity and allow for referencing.

Employees shouldn’t be bombarded with constant memos and meetings, yet they need to have access to current information and updates to do their jobs properly. There needs to be an environment that welcomes and encourages team members and leaders to speak up when they need to. Learning how to effectively and appropriately deliver criticism goes a long way to correct issues, and this needs to go both ways: just as employees are reviewed, they should get the opportunity to air grievances about their managers. Developing a friendly and healthy relationship among managers and employees can vastly improve how comfortable team members feel with communicating.

Improve the workplace by encouraging open, respectful, and useful communications. Hold a meeting with your teams to brainstorm ways this can be accomplished that works for everyone. If people know they are truly being heard, that goes a long way.

Access Tools

On a practical level, implementing an enterprise resource planning system into your company can help with data management, reduce waste, cut costs, increase productivity, and allow you to maintain a full view of the company at all times. Implementing a cloud-based ERP system can also empower your employees for better customer relationship management. All teams can collect, analyze, and use data more effectively, with real-time updates and information.

With the help of IWI Consulting Group business management software you and your team can customize a solution that fits the needs of your small or medium-sized business, or one that is positioned to expand. The ability to manage resources, integrate departments and operations, and increase efficiency is streamlined and adaptable with an ERP system.

Show Gratitude

Thanking employees and showing gratitude helps people feel appreciated. Knowing their efforts and stress is recognized and appreciated encourages employees to continue to succeed. Being respected also leads to a stronger sense of belonging, comfort, and loyalty.

Ways to say thanks can range from a verbal acknowledgment, a written note, perks and benefits, and public recognition. Showing gratitude to a whole team for pulling together and achieving greatness with dinner, a celebration, office upgrades, and even personal tokens or gifts is always appreciated. Frequent and simple “thank yous” around the office are recognized and meaningful, too. Pay employees what they deserve. A competitive salary, a variety of good quality and useful benefits and perks makes the job and their position rewarding and special.

Keep Learning

Continue to learn about management skills through educational opportunities. This could be job shadowing of an effective individual in a leadership role you admire; taking continuing education courses; reading and subscribing to publications about managers and managing; and talking to other professionals about the job. Read about topics related to managing in the realms of psychology, sociology, or culture, and not only in business publications.