Indoor Versus Outdoor Weddings

The ‘Big Day’ planning starts the moment someone answers, ‘Yes’. From there, the magic begins. What will you choose – an indoor or outdoor wedding? There are a few things to consider first.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

There are strong points for each side of the indoor/outdoor venue. There are also strong points against each. Here are some of the pros of an outdoor wedding:

  • Spectacular scenery
  • Destination options are endless
  • Natural settings
  • Child-friendly atmosphere

The pros for an indoor wedding are equally compelling:

  • Climate-controlled
  • Weather will not be a problem
  • Stable flooring for chairs and tables
  • Outside noises will be filtered

Outdoor Weddings Are Great

An outdoor wedding can be as large or as intimate as you wish. Choose a sprawling golf course, a sandy beach, or a flower-filled meadow. Let the breeze blow. Book a live band for the reception. Have the photographer take advantage of natural sunlight for gorgeous wedding photos.

One of the lesser known benefits of an outdoor wedding venue is that guests with kids have an easier time being in attendance. Little kids wiggle – a lot. An outdoor ceremony gives kids a chance to stretch their legs if they need to and provides parents a faster means to exit if necessary.

Receptions outdoor can be so different and memorable too. Setting yourself in nature for a party where everyone is dressed their best is quite the juxtaposition but looks amazing in photos. Plus the added room allows for more area that guests can wander and socialize whether it is to see the ground you have booked or for the dads and uncles to walk about while enjoying their favorite cigar brands.

Indoor Weddings Are Great Too

Lots of brides will want to control every aspect of their big day. That is very hard to do. Weather, traffic concerns, noises from planes and trains, and even cake disasters can all take control right from the hands of the bride. However- control is much easier in a confined space (indoors).

The weather will not affect an indoor wedding venue. Wear the dress you want – even if it’s cold outside. Rain, snow, and even high winds – none of these will alter your plans when you have an indoor wedding. Set up your favorite song to play after the vows. Noise will not be a problem. Set up your chairs and tables in your desired floor pattern. The level flooring allows you to create your dream design.

Nothing is Perfect

The best-laid plans can go wrong. There are cons to each venue. Indoor wedding venue cons include:

  • Limited area
  • Time limits
  • Age Restrictions

Outdoor weddings also have downsides:

  • Bugs
  • Weather
  • Uninvited guests

Indoor space limits the number of people who can attend your wedding. This can be problematic if you have a large family, lots of friends, or you are famous. Also, most indoor venues have set hours of operation. If you plan to party all night, this could be a problem. Lastly – some indoor options have strict age policies. Country clubs may not allow children under 12, for instance.

Outdoor weddings in the woods are fabulous – until the bugs start gnawing on your guests. Mosquitoes, ants, and flies can really ruin a great guest experience. Likewise- nothing can ruin an outdoor wedding like rain or wind. Grabbing your dress and running for cover is not a memory you want to make.

Finally- consider the uninvited guests before you choose an outdoor wedding. Joggers on the beach, hikers in your mountain meadow – or even animals – all of these can be disastrous for wedding photos.

Indoor or outdoor weddings – it is always important to have a backup plan ready.