Popular Flowers and the Feelings They Express

Nearly everyone has a favorite flower. And if you’re looking for flowers online, then of course there are Flowers for Everyone. But if you’d like to know about the feelings that flowers can represent, then here are some of the most popular flowers and what they may be expressing.

Roses can say a lot of things.

As the most traditional flower, Roses are often used as gifts and hold a sentimental value. And since they come in a variety of color, they can express a lot of different feelings. As most know, red expresses love. White, true to its color, stands for purity. Pink is the color to choose when you’d like to express appreciation. And yellow is the color used for friendship. When you’d like to make a statement with a flower, roses are a good way to go.

Lilies are more expressive than you may know.

Lilies have always been held in a high regard throughout history and mythology. They also have a variety of color, and each color can say a different thing. Like the rose, white stands for purity. And similar to the rose, red speaks of passion. Stargazer Lilies, which have a splash of pink, expresses ambition and encouragement. And if you’d like to wish for good health or healing, yellow is the color that you’re looking for.

Tulips are the classic flower of love.

No matter the color, a tulip expresses love in some form. A red tulip expresses a perfect and passionate love, while yellow represents an unrequited love. For an abundant love, a purple tulip is the icon. And for a love without passion, such as the love you might feel for a friend or family member, a pink tulip bouquet would make a great gift.

Daisies inspire hope.

A daisy can mean many things; but mostly, their message is hope. A daisy represents innocence, purity, new beginnings, and true love. A daisy is like a secret kept between the sender and receiver. And each hopes that the other will have a love pure and innocent enough to keep that secret.

Sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day.

As its name suggests, the sunflower is a happy representation of the sun. It can express different things, as its meaning has changed throughout the different cultures that have taken to it, but the sunflower is still a tall flower that inspires positivity. For some, the sunflower can express adoration and admiration for another. For others, it can mean loyalty and a strong bond between people. Many look to the sunflower for good luck, happiness, and even nourishment. Either way, it’s safe to say that the sunflower can usually bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Orchids are a symbol of love and beauty.

Orchids are usually considered with high regard, and are known as a symbol of love and beauty. But the many different colors that they grow in can bear different meanings. As expected, red expresses love and passion, but it can also mean strength and courage. And another unsurprising meaning is white, which represent innocence and purity, but for the orchid it can also mean reverence, humility, and elegant beauty. Like the rose, yellow expresses friendship. Green orchids make great gifts, seeing as they represent good health, nature, and longevity and they are thought to bring good fortune and blessings.

No matter what feeling you’d like to express, flowers are a great way to do it.

There are so many different flowers that can express the way that you are feeling. And you can find these flowers online. Whether you’d like to express yourself to a friend, lover, or someone that you admire, there are Flowers for Everyone.