Simple yet Effective Ways to Help Save the Environment

The environment is deteriorating. The ozone layer continues to thin. What are you going to do about it? Saving the environment might be a huge task for one person but with simple ways, you will be able to contribute to preserving it.

Switch off

When equipment and appliances are not in use, it will be better to turn them off. You may also use lights with timers on them to ensure that they are not turned on when not required. Electricity produces greenhouse gases that areharmful not just to the environment but also to people’s health.

Go for a walk

Walking and cycling are better and eco-friendly ways to exercise. Also, if you are just going to a nearby place, it will be better if you just walk rather than drive your car. One other option is to patronise Eco-friendly taxis as they don’t use harmful gas that can pollute the air.

Conserve water

Here are some ways to save water:

  • Take quicker showers or use less water when in the bath

  • Turn off the tapwhile brushing your teeth

  • Use urinals when available

  • Use the dishwasher only when it is full

  • Use pool covers to eliminate evaporation and conserve water


If you have a creative mind, try recycling items that can still be used. If you can’t do it, visit a recycling hub and donate those items. It is also advisable to separate your garbage.

Eliminate the use of disposable items

Disposable items tend to get stuck in landfills for a very long time. Why not bring your own reusable cups, spoon and forks when dining at a fast food restaurant. Use rechargeable batteries instead of the disposable ones. If you have hazardous waste, make sure that you follow the guidelines for disposing of hazardous waste.

Using paper

Do not use tons of tissues if you can use just a little one. Use a washable cloth instead of paper towels for your kitchen clean up. When you purchase paper products, make sure that it is 80-100% recycled paper.

Be mindful of your purchases

Do not buy things that you don’t need. Buy items that are durable and can last a lifetime. Buy used items, they are much cheaper too. Rent items that you will only use for a small amount of time.

Maintain your car

Keep your car in good shape so that it does not emit harmful gases that will harm the environment. Set a schedule for repairs and keep your tyres fully inflated.

Plant a garden

Create a garden filled with flowers, bushes and trees. This will help filter the air and make the air you breathe healthier.

Saving the environment means saving it for your future kids and grandkids. It will also make your life easier and healthier. Start changing your daily habits, decreasing your energy consumption, and finding other ways to conserve the environment in your own little way.