Tips on how to get money quickly

Need to know how to get money quickly? This post will teach you how ... photo by CC user

So, you just had to pay a sudden medical bill, or some scumbag cloned your debit card, and now you’re broke and deep in debt. What now? If paying until next payday isn’t an option for you and your growling stomach, there are options available to you to get your hands on some moolah fast. From selling your plasma, to applying for some bad credit loans in Los Angeles, there are plenty of ways to get money quickly in your bank account whether the IRS assessed a crushing tax penalty on you, or your finances have simply sunk to rock bottom…

Let’s explore them in further detail below…

1) Take odd jobs

There are many forms of labor available out there that will put cash in your hands the same day. While you can get outdoors and cut lawns or help out at a construction site, you needn’t break your back to earn some cash in this fashion.

Despite being perceived to be the bastion of teenaged girls, you can put yourself out there on the babysitting / child minding market. If you are/were a parent, this will only help you in the credibility department.

If this doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you could post ads around at neighborhood gathering places offering your services as a dog walker, or anything that takes mundane tasks out of the hands of busy suburbanites … use your imagination!

2) Recycle your empties, and other materials

Are you a habitual drinker of beer or soda? Check our garage for empties, and head to your closest bottle depot. While these containers might not net much by themselves, collectively, they could earn you enough cash to stay fed (albeit cheaply) until next payday.

If you’re so inclined, swallow your pride and collect cans from the side of the road; the more you get, the less hard your life will be until you get your hands on your next paycheck.

3) Hold a yard/garage sale

Most of us have entirely too much stuff kicking around the house. Use this fact to your advantage by holding a yard/garage sale. If you’re not into holding a community event, put up your clutter on Craigslist and sell it off one bit at a time to strangers looking for your stuff at a reasonable price.

4) Rent out parts of your property

If you own your own home, use your property to make some money for you. Rent out the spare bedroom for short term renters, and charge a cleaning/damage deposit to get a sum of cash into your hands right from the first day.

Got room in your garage? Rent it out for storage.

Got room in your driveway? Charge a willing customer to park in it (this works well if your home is close to a transit station, or the downtown core where you live).

If you own it, you can find a way to turn it into a fast income stream of some variety.