Top 6 Uncommon Ways to Make Extra Money

Operating a rideshare for profit is a great way to Make Extra Money ... photo by CC user Alexander Torrenegra on Flickr

With the changes in the economy over the years, people have found the value in having second, and even third jobs. Some people take on second jobs each year religiously to account for holiday shopping. Whatever the reason, individuals are always looking for side gigs. When the usual channels of part-time serving or retail will not cut it, consider one of these uncommon ways to make extra money.

1. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping remains one of the most under-utilized jobs to make extra money. There are several companies that conduct mystery shops for various retailers. Individuals enter the stores posing as shoppers and provide reports on their experiences. They also choose their assignments and are given a wide timeframe in which to complete them.

2. Seat Filling

Seat filling is literally an opportunity to get paid to be seen. Different organizations and event holders hire people to attend their events in efforts to draw in more attention and participants. The amount of available opportunities can vary depending upon where you live.

3. Focus Groups and Product Tests

Focus groups are literally a way to make quick money by providing your opinion. Depending upon the type of group, you may hear a presentation, serve as juror of a mock trial, test a product, or something else of the sort. At the end you may have to go through an interview process or write a report, and the time span may be a few hours or spread out over a length of time.

4. Donate Plasma, Blood…

Though there are limits to how much you can donate per week and you must be of a certain health level, donating plasma, blood, sperm or eggs can be an option for some individuals. One definitely should not look to make a career of this, but any one of them can provide quite a bit of money over time.

5. Ride or Home Share

If you are a personable individual, you may consider sharing your car or home. There are options in certain cities where you can rent out your car. There is also the budding industry of “ridesharing” where individuals drive others around in their down time. For your home, you can list it on your own, or join a site to allow people to stay with you for a few days or rent out a room to a student for a semester. If you do not own your home it is best to ensure that you can do this legally.

6. Hobbies

Not many people think to monetize their hobbies, but it can prove to be a lucrative business that they love. Whether you have a knack for something artsy or are great at a sport and have an aptitude for teaching, consider getting paid for your passion. Should your business take off, you might consider incorporating it and hiring private wealth management in San Francisco.

Any of the aforementioned jobs stands to provide a good amount of income to a dedicated individual. If you are considering getting a side job for some extra money, take a deeper look at some of these jobs to see if they could be right for you.