Give into G.A.S. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)

Everyone once in a while you’ll be struck by a sudden condition. It starts with sweat at your hairline and it continues on to coffee-fuelled late night research sessions. Soon enough, your laptop’s history is filled with guitar forums and online music store review pages, and you’ve started checking the balance of your various savings account. If this sounds familiar, you know it’s another attack of G.A.S. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome). And if this isn’t your first rodeo, then you know the only way you can cure it (momentarily) is by giving in and purchasing another guitar.


The Grass is Greener
Every time you buy a new guitar you swear to yourself that this is the one. Chosen for its velvety mid-tones, rich finish, and comforting weight, it ticked all of the boxes for your must-haves. But then, after years, months, or even weeks, something happens. Its pickups are missing something, its style is too similar to every other guitarist’s instrument, its neck no longer seems tailor-made to fit your hand. Suddenly it’s nowhere near being the one, and it joins the ranks of all the other models you’ve discarded for your next acquisition.

Love Knows No Boundaries When Google’s Involved
So your former favourite no longer sings to you like it once did, but that’s okay: you’ve set your sights on another instrument that’s sure to fill its place. Spending hours trawling through forums and manufacturer’s websites, you’ve created a list of brands that meet your high standards. Maybe it’s one of the many Gibson guitars available online, or perhaps you prefer the tonality of Fender guitars. More than likely, however, it’s not just one model that you want. With the absolute flood of product reviews available, you’ll read a reason to get any make or model.

Bank Limits Sometimes Apply
In a perfect world, you could work your way systematically down the long list you’ve compiled and get every single one – right away. In reality, you do have to work with what you have in your bank account. The fact the Loonie is at an all-time low thanks to the Brexit results doesn’t help either. Luckily, even if your savings are severely limited, you can support your G.A.S. by checking out one of the many Canada-wide music stores, like Long & McQuade. Long & McQuade has your favourite guitar brands at affordable prices in Canadian dollars, so you can justify to your partner why you’ve just bought – yet again – another new model. They also have a variety of guitar gear like strings, amps, pedals, and picks – anything that you need to keep your latest acquisition in fine form.

G.A.S. may take years to rear its head, or you may only have weeks before you feel the pull of desire. However long its remission lasts, know that you’re fully supported by a dedicated musical instrument store that can help you get the best and most affordable brands.