Why Geo-Target PPC Campaigns

There are circumstances under which pay-per click advertising will serve you better if you target specific areas rather than going with a wide campaign. If you’re selling ebooks for example, you might sometimes want to focus your efforts on a particular region—particularly if the subject matter of the book is more relevant to a certain area or community. There are a number of other advantages to taking this approach as well. Here’s a short list of reasons why you might want to geo-target your PPC campaigns.

Optimize Your Spend

If you’re thinking this strategically, you probably already know pay-per click advertising works just as its name implies. You run ads for which you pay whenever someone clicks on them. This holds true whether the click results in a sale or not. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to be certain the majority of the people who see your ad are likely prospects.

Geo-targeting will help you accomplish this, particularly if you know your offer is primarily relevant to people in certain places. Geo-targeting can also enable you to focus your efforts on high target volume regions. You can analyze areas based upon conversions, keywords and brand terms, then customize your campaign to the locales likely to produce the best results based upon the results of the analysis.

Leverage Local Flavor

You can also formulate your keywords and copy to appeal to specific neighborhoods, cites and regions with geo-targeting. Your ads will be more interesting and relatable to users when they reflect local culture. Leverage local traditions, events and even the weather. You can also include regional colloquialisms in your copy to give your ads more authenticity. This will give you a decided leg up on national brand competitors employing a less personalized approach.

Lower Your Costs

Geo-targeted campaigns also cost less to mount, as they entail lower minimum bids and lower costs per click. This makes your ad budget go farther, even while targeting the area most likely to be fertile ground for your messaging. (Talk about a great deal!) Again, if you’re selling ebooks and you have a book about the history of a specific region, or some other title likely to be of interest to a certain population, you can reach them at significantly lower expense. Optimizing down to the city or even neighborhood level also makes it easy to budget based upon the areas delivering the best return on your investment.

Accommodates Tailored Landing Pages

Those localized ads can be linked to landing pages specifically tailored to the local market as well. This gives users the impression you’re a local business, which in many cases enhances their confidence in you as a merchant. Doing business locally (even ecommerce business) is important to people who consider the health of their local economy a priority when they make purchases.

It’s Effective

Geo-targeting can raise your pay per click campaigns to a whole new level of effectiveness. With this technique, you can focus on the most relevant keywords, tailor your copy to a specific audience and make offers to shoppers based upon their location. This enables the ultimate in ecommerce personalization. Naturally, this approach will only make sense if you’re offering something that can be tailored to a specific region, or segment of the population. However, the opportunity to accomplish this while also conserving your capital is an idea too good to ignore. After all, when it comes down to it, the primary the reason why you’d want to geo-target PPC campaigns is the oldest one in the book. You can maximize the return on your investment.