Gardens Galore in the Southern Highlands, Australia

The Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia, is a famous tourist spot in Australia. It is famous for many things like the Belmore Falls and the historical buildings like the Berrima Courthous to name a few. However, it is without doubt that the best attraction that lures in visitors from neighbouring places and other countries are the lovely gardens of Southern Highlands.

Southern Highlands boasts of some of the most beautiful and well-tended gardens all over the world. In fact, it is here where you can find one of the biggest flower festivals in the country. There are private gardens in the estates of people from Sydney and other coastal towns who bought them as vacation houses. There are also public gardens which are either sponsored by organizations or the government which are open to visits for tourists.

In Bowral, for example, they hold the annual Bowral Tulip Time Festival which attracts thousands and thousands of visitors each year. You’ll be mesmerized by the wonderful tulips which are in full bloom at this time of the year. The celebrations take place in the Corbett Gardens, easily one of the most beautiful parks during tulip season. During the festival, other smaller private gardens are opened for inspection.

In Burradoo you can find the Moidart Gardens, which has been around for almost 80 years. The garden has different sections, each of which has its own specific attraction like the Sunken Rose Garden, Woodland Garden and others. Walking paths are lined with trees, which has beautiful foliage in both spring and autumn.

Robertson also offers not one but eight different gardens that you can stroll through and enjoy. There small gardens like Anne’s Garden with their magnolias and camellias and the Olinda with its dahlias and day lilies. There are also bigger gardens with vast grounds, like the 100 acres Two Gates, the Moorings which is just as big, and the Lynwood Farm. These bigger gardens do not only display flowers, but also have a large collection of trees, from fruit-bearing trees to ornamental trees. These make for a short, lovely day walk and picture taking.

One of the best gardens in the Southern Highlands can be found in Moss Vale – the Back o’ the Moon. Many perennial and annual flowers thrive and bloom in this garden, including clematis, lilacs and bluebells. There is a dedicated patch for roses as well. The garden is dotted with various species of trees like flowering cherries, Manchurian pears, dogwoods and maples which come in wonderful colours come spring or fall.

Because of the natural beauty of the flowers and the gardens as a whole, the Southern Highlands has been the dream wedding venue of many young couples who have seen or heard about the place.

These gardens together with the different tourist attractions of Southern Highlands make it one of the best places to visit in Australia – a perfect place for flower and nature lovers.

Photo by 75905404@N00 on Flickr