Australia Day Celebrations 2017

What are you doing for Australia Day Celebrations 2017?
Photo by CC user 19451080@N00 on Flickr

Australia Day is a fantastic opportunity to get a large group of friends together in order to celebrate. This is the anniversary of when the first ships arrived on the continent from Britain. There are lots of things to do, such as setting off fireworks and having a barbeque. However, some people might be a little bit bored of doing the same thing every year.

It is time to think outside of the box a little bit. There are lots of different ways to celebrate Australia Day, from choosing Perth bus hire to having a day out at the zoo. If people are looking for some inspiration, they should read this helpful article in order to find out more.

Choose A Party Bus

People who don’t feel the need to entertain guests at their own house should consider hiring a party bus to make the day memorable for friends and family. The party bus can take a tour of Perth, to see historic sites such as the boat harbour and the Perth Mint.

The party bus can be fitted with televisions and a play area to keep children entertained. There will also be room for everyone to sit down and enjoy some hearty Australian food on a special day. Contact us now for buses so the entire family can enjoy a special day out.

Parents will not have to think of lots of different ways to entertain their kids whilst they are on the party bus because that is all taken care of.

One of the main advantages of the party bus is that there is no need to clear up rubbish at the end of the day because this is handled by the company. Then people will be able to go back home and relax, having had a fantastic day.

Go On A Trip

Going on a special trip for Australia Day is a great way to experience new surroundings. People might want to go to a secluded beach in order to have some fun in the water and enjoy a picnic. Other people might want to go to another city entirely. This will allow people to see a part of Australia that they might not have ever visited before. People should remember to book flights well in advance if they are travelling a long way.

Take A Boat Trip

Taking a trip on Swan River will be a relaxing way to enjoy Australia Day. Enjoy the scenery whilst sipping cold drinks and eating some delicious food. A boat trip will be ideal for older people who want some peace and quiet away from noisy celebrations. This is also ideal for couples who do not have any young children who need to be entertained on Australia Day.

Go To A Concert

On Australia Day there will be lots of open-air concerts that people can enjoy in venues across Perth. Many of these concerts are free entry, and there will be a music style to suit everyone’s tastes.

Use this guide to make Australia Day memorable.