How to Plan an Unforgettable Bucks Party Cruise in Sydney

You only get one chance to plan the ultimate bucks party for your best mate. When you pick the wrong activity, the wrong time of day or make any other mistake, everyone who attends will remember what a terrible time they had. Planning a cruise is a great option for any group of guys because these cruises offer all the excitement that you need for a fun trip. To plan an unforgettable bucks party boat cruise in Sydney, just follow a few tips.

Food and Drink

Never book a Sydney bucks cruise without first checking out the food and drink available on that cruise. Some cruises offer unlimited food and drinks for a set fee, and most of these companies charge a rate based on the number of guests in your group. The company may offer non alcoholic drinks for free and charge for the alcoholic drinks served. You’ll also want to look at the type of food served. Finger foods like sandwiches and wings are better for buck parties than fancy dishes are.

Public or Private Entertainment

One of the more unique bucks party ideas is a party with some private entertainment. The companies behind these cruises can arrange for your group to have some lovely ladies on hand. As your mate wants to spend the rest of his life with his future spouse, this is his last change to have a little fun. Some cruises let you rent space on a boat at the same time as another group does, but if you can afford to spend a little more money, you can book your own cruise with some private entertainment. Just imagine the looks on the faces of those around you when a group of topless waitresses come out to serve you. You can even spring for lap dances and private strip shows.

Number of Guests

Don’t forget to take into account the number of guests in your group. This tells you exactly how much space you’ll need and the size of boat suitable for those guys. When you book a boat that is too large, the space can actually feel overwhelming and make your mate feel like you didn’t invite enough people or that not enough guests came out for his big night. If you book a boat that is too small for your crew, you’ll spend the whole night tripping over each other and wishing that you spent the extra cash.

Time of Day

Think about the type of day when you want to travel before booking a bucks cruise in Sydney. Many prefer traveling at night, but booking a cruise in the middle of the day can save you some money. These cruises are great for those who have families or other commitments that will keep them from going out at night too. Booking a bucks cruise in Sydney for a trip at night is a better option for some groups. Guys who work during the day or need to take some time off work will prefer a nighttime cruise.

Find out about the activities and things you can do during the cruise as you look at harbour cruises in Sydney too. Few people will have fun just sitting around and drinking for a few hours. You might want to book a cruise that comes with a live show that has dancers gyrating around you and on stage or one that lets you play your favorite games as you cruise around the harbour. When you take into account all these things, you can plan the ultimate bucks party and cruise for your best mate and friends.