How to Effectively Treat Blood Blisters the Natural Way

A blood blister can be a cause for panic for some of us, especially for those who have never had it before. It does look frightening, after all – a bump filled with blood and fluid right under your skin. And, to add to the horror, blood blisters can be quite painful as well. But if you have a blood blister and would like to treat it in the best possible way, here are some tips on how to effectively treat blood blisters you should know about.

What causes them?

Blood blisters are most often found in areas of the body which protrude, such as feet (especially if you have bunions). These blisters are often caused by friction, such as when you are walking and your toes and ankles repeatedly rub against your shoes. Some blood blisters are also caused by biomechanical reasons – meaning your feet, specifically your big toes, do not function and move in the proper way, resulting in increased pressure to the toes and hence, a blood blister.

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Dealing with the problem

Blood blisters can be frightening to look at because the blood can quickly turn black. But this actually means that the blister is healing – it is when the blister remains red that the blister may need to be checked.

In any case, there’s one thing that you should avoid doing, unless it’s really necessary: pop a blood blister. If you try popping your blood blister, you are just increasing the likelihood of infection. But how do you know if your blister really needs to be popped? Once it has become too big and looks like it will burst soon, only then can you think about just popping it yourself. But when you do this, make sure you have a sterile and clean environment and have the right sterilised tools as well.

Natural home remedies

If you have decided that your blister does not need to be popped, the first thing you can do to relieve the pain is to stop putting pressure on the area. If you have a blood blister on your foot, let your foot rest, at least for a while. However, this is easier said than done – you can’t simply avoid putting pressure on your foot; otherwise, you’d be bed-ridden. The next best thing you can do is reduce friction. If you have a foot blood blister, make use of a donut pad or orthopaedic pad made from felt (you can purchase these at any pharmacy).

You can also use ice as a remedy for blood blisters. Simply prepare an ice wrap and place it around the affected area. Ice is a good remedy because the coldness can constrict your blood vessels, resulting in reduced swelling and the prevention of bleeding internally. To make the wrap, place a few ice cubes in a bag of plastic and wrap the plastic bag in a soft towel.

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