Michael Volititch: The Benefits of Sports Therapy

A sports therapist is someone who utilizes different physical therapy techniques to help someone who’s been injured with sports to cure their injury or to help the injury cure faster on its own. These medical professionals utilize sports massage, devices, and other therapies that work collectively to solve issues regarding the muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments.

The sports therapist will design a curriculum that includes the different therapies and then oversees the implementation of these therapies with patients. The goal of the therapy curriculum is to improve the patient’s health and to rid the patient of any injuries sustained while playing sports. Here are some of the specific goals for a sports therapist.

Get rid of sore muscles

There’s no doubt that sore muscles are part of playing any sport.  Many sports can cause you to use muscles that you haven’t used in a long time or to use muscles in a way that you haven’t used them in quite some time. When this occurs the body can build up lactic acid and other substances in your muscles causing them to be sore. This is normal and would happen to anyone starting a sport or playing at a higher level of intensity.

What is not normal however is when this soreness reaches a level of extreme pain or last for an extended period of time. If this occurs, the person playing the sport needs to see a professional who can help them relieve soreness. In this case a sports therapist will likely utilize therapies including sports massage, heat, and perhaps even cold to relieve muscle soreness. The therapy might require several treatments over a period of time in order for them to be most effective.

Eliminate muscle tension

Some level of tension is common for every sport. Because sports requires you to be very focused and intense, you will certainly experience your heart rate increasing and your body tensing. What is not normal is for you to become ill or suffer negative physical consequences when you engage in a sport. When you have these instances occurring, you need a professional to help you relieve tension.

Here again a sports therapist like Michael Volitich will utilize different therapies to assist you to relieve and eliminate tension. Massage is always a first choice because it is non-invasive and highly effective. However if massage does not work to relieve stress, the therapist might Institute additional therapies including Pilates and stretching exercises aimed at the particular areas where tension arises.

Help You to Sleep Better

Many people play sports find that they have trouble sleeping. Sometimes this can be due to the stress associated with sports or it might be due to muscles tightening. A sports therapist can help those who are suffering from insomnia related to sports by providing strategies for the person to undertake. These might include stretching exercises before bed, a sports massage before bed, relaxing or invigorating baths or showers throughout the day, and heat therapy directly on any muscles that may be causing tension and preventing the person from sleeping. Because there’s so many potential causes for why, it may take some time for the Sports therapist to locate the specific cause.