Designer Decision Making – 7 Steps Toward a More Flattering Winter Wardrobe


Those cold, wintery days – you either love them or you hate them.

On one hand, you have gorgeous knee-length boots and accent scarves.

On the other hand you have frumpy, ill-fitting clothes designed purely to keep you warm against the blistering cold snaps. When it’s time to pack away the summer digs and pull out the winter wardrobe, some people can feel an overwhelming pang of anxiety thinking about the androgynous shapes they will become, hiding that waistline that has been on show for all of the summer months.

However, winter dressing doesn’t need to leave you looking run-down. Here are 7 steps to a more flattering winter wardrobe and bring back the funk during the colder months.

1)Invest in a belt

During winter, most people have a tendency to wear warm, loose pieces that drape over the body for maximum coverage. Before winter begins, invest in some thin and chunky belts that you can utilise to show off that amazing waistline. A belt can really pull in a sweater worn over an A-line dress and take your outfit to the next level.

2) Sweater update

Updating your sweater look can be a great investment. Merino wool sweaters are a perfect addition to any wardrobe ( and can update your style look dramatically. It helps to invest in a variety of sweaters, including V-neck, roll neck and even a long-line style. This adds versatility to your winter dressing and ensures that you never go a day without looking your best.

Tip: Add a pop of colour to your sweater game, as most people default to greys and blacks in winter.

3) The chunky heel

Winter dressing is all about balance. Pairing your trench, dress, stocking combo with a chunky-heel pump is the perfect fashion statement. They are a great statement piece, and can transition from meeting with the bosses, to cocktail hour and can be great for a night of dancing on the weekend (a little rain never hurt any body!)

4) The clever beanie

No-one likes hat hair!

But the perfect winter accessory to keep you warm is a beanie. Not only do they keep you warm, they can take your style game to the next level. For women, a slouch beanie can protect the styling of those lush locks and can add some really cool factor to your outfit. For the men, a neutral beanie is the perfect addition to any winter outfit.

5) Learn to layer

This winter, don’t be afraid to layer.

It’s the most practical way of keeping warm, and looking effortlessly cool. The more layers the better. When it’s ice-cold outside, layering a turtleneck, under a sweater, under a jack, under a trench can be the perfect way to stay warm. Pair with a pair of jeans or some thick leggings and away you go! Hey, you can always take the layers off if you need.

6) Embrace the faux

Faux fur is the number one way to give your winter wardrobe that extra hit of glam. This styling tip is not only for the women, but for the fellas, too. Incorporating faux fur into your wardrobe is the perfect luxe winter glam.

7) That’s a wrap!

Something everyone needs in their wardrobe is a little versatility.

A wrap is a great way of styling your outfit for maximum comfort. If you aren’t really a wrap person, look for a scarf that could double as a wrap for those days when the cold just gets too much

Winter is the perfect time to really experiment with your wardrobe and there is never a better time to start than the present!