6 Style Driven Tips For Choosing Your Ideal Swimwear


Winter has arrived, and with it comes a serious lack of swim time for any beachgoers and poolside partiers. This three-month stretch of nothing much at all in the way of hot, sunny days allows us to start planning for the late spring-early autumn wonderland on sun, sand, and lovely cool water, and what kind of summer would be complete without the perfect swimwear to complement these scorching days. Visiting Fella Swimwear (fellaswim.com) can give you some great ideas for the wardrobe, but for some true inspiration, read on.


First up, we’ll tackle colour.

The colour of your bathing suit can say a lot, and so to work out what you should wear, you should start with what kind of messages you’re looking to send. Are you wanting to be fiery in a red two-piece? Cool and collected in an icy light blue? Carefree and happy in a bright gold? These all give off different vibes to others, so choose what you want to say with your swimwear before gearing up and heading into the waves.


Pattern can be a provocative, enticing, slimming and complementary all at once, and when worn incorrectly it can be the opposite of all of those things. For every person it’s different, but there are a few key things that carry over for everyone, such as black with a minimalist pattern being slimming, and stripes doing the opposite.


Designer bathers are the dream, obviously, but how much is too much in the way of money spent for a few months in the sun? There are brands that can clad your body in water-friendly fabrics that will make you look like a model lounging on the decks of a private yacht, and they are quite happy to charge you the price of a secondhand modern car for them. The other end of the choice is the brands that you literally will never look good in, because they aren’t cut to fit you properly, and they cost the same as a slurpee at 7-11.


The functional bathing suits are the safe option for everyone, but your relationship with danger should make the decision for you with regards to how functional you want to go. If you don’t mind risking a slip here and there, or a wave carrying away your new swimsuit at a particularly inopportune time, then functional is less important to you than to others. Be aware of what you want in the way of functionality, and go after it, it could save you an embarrassing walk back to the car.


Buying a pair of bathers for the fashion aspect is perfectly acceptable too.

There are people who buy swimwear for wearing it beside a pool and never once touching a drop of water, and that’s fine. That’s a particular way of wearing your chosen bathing suit, and the more fashionable the suit, the better.


Finally, the accessories.

Dark sunglasses, some kind of hat for sun protection and maybe some beach entertainment is all you really need, but if you want to glam it up you can always go with lightly coloured button-down shirts unbuttoned and blowing in the breeze, which works especially well for that movie-star on vacation look.

There are so many options when it comes to swimwear that it might seem almost impossible to decide, which is why it’s good that you found this article with months to go until the weather screams “swim!”.