Best Jewelry Care and Cleaning Practices

Lustrous, sparkling jewelry can make any woman feel elegant and beautiful. However, it’s important to ensure that you keep these pieces properly, so they remain in their top condition. Here is some valuable advice on caring for and cleaning your precious jewelry items to give them a freshly shining look.

5 Best Practices to Care for Your Jewelry

Let’s take a look at 5 things you can do to ensure your favorite jewelry pieces shine like they’re brand new.

Store in a Clean, Dry Place

Your choice of space for storing your valuables can greatly influence their appearance. Putting them in a random drawer or leaving them on a side table just like that can lead to a tarnished, scratched, and discolored appearance. Hence, you should invest money in purchasing a jewelry case with multiple partitions to keep your gems safe. However, if you don’t want to spend money, you can also grab a tissue to wrap around each jewelry piece, protecting them from harming elements like dust, humidity, etc.

Wash Your Jewelry Regularly

This simple practice of washing your jewelry pieces with warm water and liquid soap can restore their shine instantly. However, you must avoid using scented soap as its chemicals can mess up the jewelry’s shine and might lead to ugly scratches. After thoroughly washing, you must not delay drying them, as excessive moisture might lead to rusting.

Don’t Wear it Everywhere

One of the bad things you can do to your favorite jewelry is to wear it all the time. Even if you’re careful, everyday wear and tear can show its adverse effects. So it’s important to give it a break now and then.

If you have a piece you absolutely love and want to wear all the time, consider getting a second one to rotate them. This practice can help your favorite jewelry last longer and maintain its shine season after season.

Always Apply Cosmetics and Perfume Before Wearing Jewelry

You must apply cosmetics, cologne, or hairspray before dressing in your jewelry. It demands extra carefulness while using perfume, as it might contain harsh chemicals that can dull the finish of your jewelry or even cause it to tarnish.

If you must apply perfume while wearing jewelry, be sure to do so sparingly and avoid getting any on the necklaces and bracelets. Similarly, you must be extremely careful in the case of a pearl and gold chain necklace or other similar delicate items, as harsh chemicals can easily scratch them off due to an abrasive nature.

Refer to Professionals for Ultrasonic Cleaning

If your jewelry is extremely dirty or if you are unsure of how to clean it properly, it is best to take it to a professional jeweler for ultrasonic cleaning. This technique uses high-frequency sound waves to create vibrations in a solution that cleans your jewelry without damaging it. It can easily reach into small crevices and nooks that are usually difficult to clean at home by hand.

Wrapping Up

Following the best jewelry care and cleaning practices, you can keep your favorite pieces looking new for several years. With a little care and attention, your jewelry will stay shining and sparkling – just like the day you got it.