Debating Whether You’re Cut Out for Business Travel? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Getting paid while seeing the world. Sounds nice, right?

Most people would jump at the opportunity to travel for work, especially the millennial crowd who cites seeing the world as a top priority for both their personal and professional lives.

That said, taking to the skies on a consistent basis isn’t all that it seems for wide-eyed professionals who’ve never taken the leap.

Red-eye flights. Layovers. Days blending together.

But on the flip side, the chance to get out of the traditional office is a tempting one for those looking for something new in terms of their careers.

And so if you’re on the fence over whether or not you want to be your office’s go-to person for work trips, consider the following four-point checklist before signing up.

Are You a Savvy Packer?

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of frequent business travel is how you pack.

For example, do you have a carry-on that can reduce the headaches of constantly juggling checked luggage? Do you have portable chargers and peripherals to keep you connected with your team? Can you cram a week’s worth of comfy clothing into one pack?

Learning to become a packing minimalist means knowing wants versus needs and having the tools to get down to business anywhere. If you’re in need of some new gear, ask around the office to how fellow travelers pack and look into deals such as a Tatacliq coupon code to keep some money in your pocket.

Will You Be Doing Too Much on the Company Dime?

Remember: the purpose of business travel is, well, business.

Especially with young people, there’s phenomenon of workers wanting to explore minus actually putting in the proper hours. While there’s nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure, trips on the company dime are not vacations. In fact, failing to stay disciplined could hurt your standing in your company if you aren’t careful.

How Do You Handle New Environments?

If you’re a creature of habit in terms of work, you may find odd hours, remote spaces and unfamiliar places to be a bit jarring.

Creating a productive environment beyond the office means surrounding yourself with tools and reinforcing behaviors that tell your brain it’s business time. Maybe that means stepping out of the hotel to work at a lively cafe. Perhaps it’s unplugging altogether for an hour or two to get some deep work done. Either way, you can’t let each and every new location distract you from your work.

How’s Your Mental and Physical Health?

It’s not uncommon for frequent fliers to allow their health to fall by the wayside when traveling frequently.

Between constantly eating out and being on-the-go, squeezing in workouts and healthy meals is easier said than done. If you’re someone who’s fitness-focused or struggles with their weight, making a conscious effort to stay active is an absolute must.

On a related note, travel can also take its toll on people who aren’t used to working by themselves. Tackling loneliness on business travel means not only staying in touch with your team, but also checking in with friends and family when appropriate. One smart idea is to sort of document your travels via social media to keep everyone around you in the loop as you fly solo.

Again, frequent business travel isn’t as simple as hopping on a plane and watching the money roll in. Instead, consider these points as you make a decision as to whether or not the frequent flier life is right for you.