Shop Local With These 5 One-of-a-Kind NYC Businesses 

It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of New York City – especially the shopping scene where there are plenty of popular department stores and posh outlets for global brands. Yet, New York City is home to more than the likes of Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Prada, and Armani. It also features a flourishing small business scene with locally-owned businesses tucked into every nook and cranny of the city.

Check Out These 5 Locally Owned NYC Businesses

“In the digital era, it’s easy to forget that people still visit physical shops and establishments,” digital marketer Puranjay Singh points out. In fact, locally owned brick and mortar businesses are arguably more popular than ever – especially in places like New York City where people are always looking for a change of pace.

Here are a few of the top local businesses that we believe you should check out:

  • Desserts That Matter

When you’re hungry for something sweet in New York City, you have a handful of options on every street corner. But what about when you want something that’s both tasty and refined? Desserts That Matter is a small boutique and custom ice cream factory on 49th Street in Queens. The shop makes small-batch ice cream, custom-flavored sorbet, and gelato. They take requests and frequently work on unique desserts for local businesses and restaurants – frequently creating five-gallon batches to accompany specific menu items.

  • AQUA

CrossFit is so last year. If you really want a good workout, then you need to check out AQUA on Franklin Street in Manhattan. This cycling studio with a pool is the first of its kind. It combines stationary cycling with water resistance to provide a unique fitness experience that’s both fun and grueling.

  • Morscher’s Pork Store

While the German population may not be what it once was in the mid 1900s, there’s still a large enough collection of German immigrants to keep Morscher’s Pork Store thriving. This deli has been around for generations and you’ll find a number of regulars popping in on a weekly basis to stock their kitchens with everything from Slovenian debricina sausages to Spanish-style chorizos.

  • Economy Candy

While big box stores and large chains have come in and wiped out most of the small candy shops throughout the city, Economy Candy on the Lower East Side still remains intact. It’s changed slightly since its inception in 1937, but not much – which is why thousands of locals and tourists alike flock to the quaint shop on a weekly basis. The store still charges by the pound, which is pretty nostalgic.

  • Humboldt & Jackson

In an age where everyone wants to wait in buffet lines and mindlessly pile food on their plates, it’s good to know that there’s still a market for Humboldt & Jackson – a local tasting room in Brooklyn that features a rotating roster of local chefs. Each night, a new chef cooks up a custom tasting menu for guests, paring the food with unique wine, beer, and cocktails. It’s an experience unlike anything else you can get in the city. The tasting room also doubles as an event space, hosting weddings and other events for those seeking a one-of-a-kind location for their big day.

Shop Local and Build Up Your Community

There’s nothing wrong with buying from national or global brands, but there’s something powerful about transacting with a locally owned business. Not only are you getting a product that’s more sustainably sourced, but you’re also directly pouring money back into your local community.