Cool Gifts for the Stylish Man

We spend hours thinking of what to buy people for birthdays and Christmas and more often than not we end up with a gift that we are not crazy about but we were able to locate in time and in stock. But when you are buying for stylish man, the bar is high and you need to make sure that you selected a gift that he will find appealing. We feel your nervousness and have picked a few gifts we think any stylish man will love.

A Designer Cap

Sometimes we struggle to locate that gifts that fits perfectly between considerate and handy. If you want it to be cool and stylish also, you complicate things considerably. But it is possible if you know where to look. A great example is a custom cap from Mint Tradition. This company was started by entrepreneur Jack Elway, who had a vision to create and market customizable high-quality caps made in the United States, using full-grain leather from the top 2 percent of hides in Europe. The tanning of the leather is mostly water-based material that limits the emissions of volatile organic compounds. The straps on the back are watch straps from a company in Florida. These hats handmade and high-end and says to the recipient that they matter and have been thoughtfully considered. The hats can be purchased online where you can review their entire line of hats for sale or you can customize your own hat. It can then be delivered anywhere in the world.

A Custom Suit

In every city there are tailors who make custom suits tailored to a wearer’s specific measurements and made entirely by hand. After careful measurements are taken, a custom pattern is created for each person and used for the creation of the pants jacket and vest. The benefits of buying a suit as a gift are:

Made to fit you perfectly: The fit of a suit is one of its most important characteristics and when you buy a suit off the rack it is made for a specific body type not a specific person. The person buying the suit must then take it to a tailor and get it altered to fit properly. Of course these alterations happen after you have bought the suit, so if it still does not look good after it gets altered, you are stuck with an ill-fitting suit. A custom suit is designed from your measurements and will fit you perfectly with no compromises.

You pick the style: There is often a compromise when buying a suit off the rack. Maybe it is the right size but the color is wrong, or the fabric is right, but the lapels are too wide. When you buy a suit custom, you pick the fabric, the material and determine the size of the lapels, the pockets and the every other aspect of the suit.

For the stylish man, having a custom suit is the height of cool. When you look for tailors, look through their catalog of suits, make sure they can deliver the quality you want and then set up an appointment for your stylish man. He will never forget this gift or you.

Stylish men can be hard to shop for, so take advantage of these tips and get him a gift that says quality and style.