Reasons why you should move to Tucson

Sitting amidst the deserts of southern Arizona, little ol’ Tucson has begun to worm its way into conversations concerning the best places to call home in the United States.

Real estate prices in many popular cities like NYC, San Francisco, Miami, and even Phoenix have gotten too pricey for the common person, leading many to look to mid-sized cities in a bid to find an affordable home with a high quality of life.

Tucson qualifies, as it has many qualities that appeal to a wide variety of people.

Michael Eckhardt Tucson was an early adopter of this place, as he opted to stay after finishing a
degree at the University of Arizona. Loving life in Arizona’s second largest city, he has never felt the need to pack up and move somewhere else, as Tucson has given him and his family so much.

Looking for convincing reasons to consider Tucson as a potential home? This article will aim to make a compelling case for this desert city in the points below.

1) It plays hosts to a top-tier university

Many of Tucson’s advantages stem from the fact that it is the home to the University of Arizona. Thousands of young, bright people call this city home for much of the year, injecting it with an infectious energy that makes it stand above other places in the state (with the possible exception of Phoenix).

As a result of its comparative youth, its range of bars, clubs, pubs, and cafes are far above what you would expect for a center its size.
The University of Arizona is a Division I school – this means its athletic teams offer a standard of play that is only a step or two below the big leagues. This makes Tucson a great place to be a sports fan.

Additionally, its status as a large school means that it also has artistic assets which will please those who are interested in cultural pursuits.

2) Outdoor activities are easy to access

In densely populated parts of the USA, getting in touch with nature is tough, as it involves hours of driving outside of congested cities on crowded interstates.

In Tucson, however, you can be in the middle of the Sonoran Desert in less than a 30 minute drive from its center.

With five mountain ranges ringing Tucson, mountain bikers, climbers, and hikers have plenty of room to play amidst some of the cleanest air in the country.

3) The sun shines almost all the time

Does seasonal affective disorder hit you hard every winter? Tucson should be at the top of your list when searching for a new home base, as this place sees at least partial sun 350 days out of the year.

It is a night and day difference compared with cities on the east coast, as weather systems there often grind to a halt offshore during winter, blotting out of the sun for days or even weeks on end.

If you need daily sun exposure to get enough vitamin D, Tucson is an ideal place to do just that. What’s more, its winters are mild and humidity is nearly non-existent during the warmer months.

For many, this city’s climate is its greatest advantage.