Turning Your Campervan into a Character Filled Home

Campervans are becoming more and more popular and with this, people are becoming more creative to design a homely space that is unique to them. It’s so exciting to be able to set off an exciting adventure in your campervan, and having a stylish place to live during your trip makes it so much more enjoyable. Whilst campervans are pretty much the same when it comes to the outside, there are still loads of fun ways to add character to your campervans interiors and make them unique to you and your personal style.

Soft Furniture

Just like your home, you want to be surrounded by soft, comfortable furniture to enable you to relax. Furniture can be difficult when it comes to your campervan, as you have to find the right style of pieces to suit the interiors you have in your vehicle. Whilst most campervans come equipped with furniture items such as the seating arrangements, a bed area and kitchen space, you have complete control over customising these items to make them more to your taste. For your seating arrangements, you should look at introducing some durable materials that will stand the test of time. This will ensure that your campervan looks fresh and clean every time you come to use it! You may also find that adding some thick, cosy bedding to your bed area will help to create a cosy space that you’ll look forward to climbing into every night.

Storage and Organisation

It doesn’t matter how big or small your campervan is, you are never going to have enough room to leave thing scattered all over the place. Storage is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to travelling and staying in a campervan, as the moment you allow your things to take over you will instantly feel cramped. Many VW T5 conversions see a whole host of different storage ideas, with many working really well to save space at the same time. One of the most popular storage solutions is to introduce some overhead cupboards, as these don’t take up any much-needed floor space, and you can rest assured your items will stay neat and tidy. You can also look at introducing storage features to the seating, with many designs available with storage inside the seat base. These simple yet effective storage solutions simply help to keep the campervan looking stylish, whilst staying neat and saving essential space at the same time.

Plenty of Colour

One of the main ways to inject plenty of character into your campervan is through colour. There are lots of different ways in which you can introduce colour to your campervans interiors and with a certain theme in mind, you can make your décor really personal and tailored to you. Bright, bold colours are perfect for using on areas such as the furniture and other accessories like your curtains and kitchen appliances. Whereas neutral colours are better for the walls and flooring in your campervan. This helps to balance out the interiors and keep them feeling spacious and fresh. If you opt for a bright, bold colour for the walls you will notice the space will feel cramped and small, which is not ideal when you’re already working with limited space.

Personal Touches

Your campervan is a place for you to enjoy and somewhere you should feel at home. Throughout your travelling, you will spend lots of time resting in your campervan, so it needs to be a space that you feel comfortable in. To make your campervan really homely and inviting, introduce some personal items such as family photographs and pieces of art on the wall. You could also look at including things like games, books and magazines, to ensure you have something interesting to do on an evening and so on. By having these additional items stored in your campervan, you can rest assured that you will feel more relaxed and content, especially if the rain comes and you need something to do to keep you occupied for a while!