How to Choose the Right Suit Style for Your Body

It’s a sad fact, but it’s all too often true: there are many men walking around with suits and jackets which are too tight, too loose, too long, too short, and too, well, dated or old-fashioned. We’re no longer in the 50s, and the millennium has come and gone – so certain changes have occurred in men’s fashion, particularly suits, as well. If you’re thinking of having a suit made or buying a suit for yourself, here’s how to choose the right suit style for your body, whether you’re short, slim, stocky, or tall.

For short men

Short men tend to have short torsos and short legs as well, and when you’re picking a suit style for your body type, you need to remember that a two-button jacket can do wonders for you. With a two-button jacket, you can easily give the illusion of having an elongated torso. You have to make sure, though, that the jacket will end about 4 to 5 inches (101mm to 127mm) below the hip, and there should be no trouser break so you can elongate your legs as well.

For slim men

If you’re slim, make sure that the lapel of your suit is of a standard or narrow size, not wider than 2 ½ inches. Slim men also benefit from double-breasted suits, because the layering of the fabric can add bulk to your frame.

For stocky men

If you’re stocky, particularly on the torso portion, don’t go for bold and big patterns, such as houndstooth – stick with vertical, thin pinstripe patterns. Anyone looking at you will have their eyes drawn from up to down rather than side to side. You should also opt for a two-button suit, which can emphasise your shoulders and make your torso look longer.

For tall men

Tall men are better suited (no pun intended) to three-button jackets, since with the extra third button, you would look less elongated. If you are tall, you should also avoid cropped trousers and jackets, because even if this style may look good on men with an average height, it may make you look like your suit is too small for you.

If you want a really nice-fitting suit – a suit that fits your frame and size perfectly – then one of your best options would be to have a made to measure suit. Made to measure suits take all your measurements into consideration along with your choice in fabric and style, with the suit being made in the factory and being ready in a shorter time than it takes for a bespoke suit to be done. It’s an affordable yet high quality option, and you certainly wouldn’t regret it.

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