A Roundup of the Best Outdoor Torches on the Market

For most people, a torch is the kind of necessity that doesn’t warrant much in depth consideration. That is, until they really need it and they find that the one they have doesn’t quite live up to expectations. This is why it is worth taking the time to think about your needs. Do you go camping a lot? Are you likely to use a torch for leisure purposes (like camping and walking) or is it strictly an at home tool? Is a basic device enough or is there a need for additional features and multiple settings?


Whatever your needs, there is a torch out there for you. And, it can represent more than just safety in the home. For cyclists, bike torches can mean the difference between an uneventful ride home and a nasty accident. They make sure that everybody on the road is aware of your presence and knows to act accordingly. Plus, they are easy to use, compatible with a wide range of models, and can be clipped on to the back or handlebars in minutes. Not only that, but they are affordable and come with some very appealing features.

This guide to a selection of the best torches to invest in, available from LED Torches, will help you decide which product is right for you.

Fenix BC21R Bike Light

If you are on the lookout for a great bike light, try this Fenix BC21R Bike Light model. It provides an impressive 880 lumens, via the use of a neutral white light and a powerful 18650 battery. The state of the art Dual Distance Beam System ensures that cyclists are fully illuminated while out on the road, even after dark. It refracts headlights for superb visibility up close and at a distance.

JetBeam WL-S4 LED Search Light

With this high intensity JetBeam WL-S4 model, you’ll never be caught in the dark again. It comes with five individual modes of illumination. The brightest produces 2600 lumens, with a beam distance of up to 380 metres. This torch has been specially designed for biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It is ergonomic, practical, and easy to use.

EagleTac M25C2 Turbo

This model is one of the most recent releases from EagleTac. The brand has been creating high quality torches for many years and it is a respected name within the industry. The M25C2 provides a maximum output of 1180 LED lumens, with a beam distance of 640 metres. It has an energy saving mode for those occasions when longevity is more important than intensity. However, if you buy a compatible extension tube, you can substantially increase its runtime.

LED Lenser XEO19R Rechargeable Headlamp

For keen hikers and climbers, a rechargeable headlamp can be an invaluable resource. And this cutting edge LED Lenser XEO19R model is one of the best on the market. It features the highest quality patented optics system, which produces some of the brightest beams around. The independent focusing lenses are operated via a responsive control pad, so wearers can change the settings without having to remove the device.

Nitecore TM16 Tiny Monster LED Flashlight

This Nitecore TM16 flashlight is an extremely powerful device, but it is designed to be a small and compact package. It fits neatly in the palm for easy use and transportation. So, if you need a high performing torch that slots into the glove box or inside a rucksack, this is the one for you. It is constructed from a cutting edge aero grade aluminium alloy and provides a maximum of 4000 lumens.

MecArmy IllumineX-2SS LED Keychain Light

For an even more compact device, try this MecArmy IllumineX-2SS Portable Mini Flashlight. It is waterproof, super sturdy, and can withstand almost anything. Plus, it has an impressive brightness of 130 lumens, which is at the top end of the spectrum for such a small torch. It is fully rechargeable and the advanced optical lens ensures that the beam is always even and steady, no matter the conditions or circumstances.

LED Lenser Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter

There are lots of reasons why a driver might need quick access to a high quality torch. In the event of a breakdown after dark, for example, it is really useful to have a high performing flashlight nearby. It is even more practical if you can keep this device in the car on a permanent basis, without having to remove it for recharging. This is exactly what the LED Lenser 12V Cigarette Lighter can do, so make it your next investment.

How to Find a Torch That Meets Your Needs

One of the most important features of a torch is size. These days, even the smallest of devices can produce an impressive amount of lumens, so you have the freedom to decide whether a larger or a more compact flashlight is the most practical choice. Think about what you need in a product. Should it be extremely sturdy, in case of falls when hiking or climbing? Or, does it need to be basic, but super powerful? Identify your needs first, so that you can browse for the features and benefits that suit your lifestyle.