Eating Healthy While Traveling for Business

Eating Healthy While Traveling for Business can be a challenge if you eat out too often

Photo by CC user Unsplash on Pixabay

Traveling for business can be one of the easiest ways to stray from your habit of healthy eating. The combination of long hours and opportunities to eat out can make it almost impossible to stick to healthy choices. However, with a little bit of planning and willpower, you’ll be able to make it through your business trip without reverting to square one.
Avoid Airport Food 
As soon as you walk in an airport, you’re bombarded with all kinds of food choices, from greasy burgers to sugary coffee drinks. To avoid the temptation of these foods, plan ahead and pack a snack. If you wake up on the morning of your flight to find that you haven’t had time to prepare, try to walk around the airport to find a healthy option before settling for something that’s packed with calories and fat. It might take a while to find something, but most airports have at least one restaurant that’s a good choice.
Go to the Grocery Store 
If you’re going to be staying in the same place for more than a day or two, making time for a trip to the grocery store often makes the most financial sense. By taking just 30 minutes out of your day to do a bit of grocery shopping, you could save hundreds of dollars on eating out. Instead of shopping for food that needs to be cooked, go for things like apples, bananas, nuts, and sandwich items. A loaf of whole wheat bread, lean meat, and hampton creek condiments will give you enough sustenance to make it through long hours of work without resorting to unhealthy vending machine or fast food.
Keep Exercising 
To prepare for a long day of meetings or conferences, try to wake up a little early and hit the pool or exercise room at the hotel. You’ll start the day by getting your blood pumping, and you’ll feel invigorated and ready to start the day. Try to aim for at least 20 minutes of exercise per day while on your trip. If you can do more, that’s even better, but you need to set realistic goals in order to feel energized enough to make it through each day.
Avoid the Minibar and Room Service 
When you get in late from taking on work responsibilities, it’s tempting to open the minibar or dial up room service. However, these choices are usually not satisfying enough to be worth the expense. If you eat too late at night, you’ll wake up feeling sluggish and bloated, so it’s best to grab a handful of almonds or an apple if you’re truly hungry. Don’t deprive yourself, but think carefully before raiding the minibar. It might be a decision that you’ll regret in the morning, or when the bill comes in.
Carry Water With You 
It’s summertime, and walking around an unfamiliar city can quickly become exhausting. Prevent dehydration by carrying a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Not only will you reduce your cravings by staying adequately hydrated, but you’ll also save money on overpriced bottles of water from the hotel or convenience stores.
Choose Carefully at Restaurants 
Whether you’re traveling solo or with a slew of co-workers, it’s probably inevitable that you’ll go out to eat at some point. If you’re traveling with others, don’t feel the need to isolate yourself just to stick to your goals. You can almost certainly find healthy options at any restaurant, so if you’re in the mood to socialize, don’t stay in the hotel room just to avoid eating a few extra calories. Spend some time looking over the menu. Due to a growing demand for healthy food options, most restaurants have a space on the menu dedicated to lighter meals. If possible, substitute sides like mashed potatoes for green veggies or carrots, and eating healthy while traveling for business will become an easier task.

Traveling for work can be quite trying on your patience and energy levels, but you can find ways to continue your healthy habits even while on the go. One of the best things you can do is pack your own food whenever possible to avoid unhealthy options like fast food. A quick trip to the grocery store for essentials will save you quite a bit of money and you can return home feeling satisfied and in control. However, don’t go too overboard and resort to overly restrictive strategies. With a little practice, traveling for business while continuing to make healthy decisions will become second nature.