7 Creative Ways to Jazz Up Your Marquee Event 

There’s a reason why marquees are a go-to venue for many party and event planners out there. Not only are these timeless structures a shield from the elements, but they are a traditional classic, injecting style and grace into any function. Because marquees are so versatile, there is a wide range of things you can do to enhance the space. So you’re not stuck for ideas, we’ve collated our 7 favourite ways to jazz up your next marquee event.


  • Add Flowers and Foliage

Transform your marquee into a natural, blossoming wonderland with flowers, plants, driftwood and willow. Place beautiful floral arrangements hanging from the ceiling, on tables, or on the back of chairs. Inject your own personal creativity into the foliage, utilising large colourful flowers such as hydrangeas, finished off with greenery and some illuminating fairy lights.

  • Fitting Flooring

Most marquee companies, such as Open Air Events, the marquee hire specialists, give you an option to have marquee flooring or not. Depending on the time of year, a grass floor can help to add texture and ventilation. In the brisker months, hiring carpet flooring can be a great way to add a pop of colour, as well as making your event feel much warmer. There are a wide range of other flooring options you can choose from, such as dramatic black or white for more formal events.

  • Hanging Ceiling

Because marquees characteristically have quite high ceilings, it’s a good idea to utilise the negative space with delightful decorations. Adorn the ceiling with lampshades, flowers, or hanging candelabras at differing heights. Not only will this give off the illusion of a lower ceiling and a more formal room, but it will provide your guests with something beautiful to admire!

  • Creative Lighting

Lighting is absolutely essential for marquees. Without it, your space can look cramped and flat. Most marquees come with uplighters, however to create the atmosphere you desire, it is vital to add your own lighting. For example, add fairy lights to give of a feeling of glittery romance, or vintage lamps to create a soft, warming glow.

  • Beautiful Backdrops

If you’re going to be hiring a band, a DJ or have an area where you want people to take photos, consider implementing an attractive backdrop to set the scene. Cascade fairy lights down the wall, or hang vintage art or photos. If you’re planning a rustic wedding, try creating a backdrop made from driftwood and other upcycled items such as mason jars and old frames.

  • Chill-out Area

Parties can be lively and tiring events. Give your guests an area to relax by adding a chill-out space in your marquee. Put your individual stamp on the style by decorating it with contemporary sofas, an eclectic selection of chairs, all complemented by uplifting lighting.

  • Crafty Centrepieces

Adopting bespoke centrepieces on the marquee tables adds a sense of grandeur to any event. A great, creative idea is to fill tall glass vases with water, add apples, top with hydrangeas, then detail with garden twine or raffia. If you’re hosting a seaside event, cut costs by placing beautiful arrangements of seashells, sand and driftwood in the centre.

Don’t think of a marquee as your Plan B. Spacious, sturdy, versatile and adaptable – it’s not as difficult as you think to convert your marquee into a beautiful, unique event space. Take heed of these 7 simple and cost-effective ways that you can spruce up your next soiree.