5 Ways to Revitalise the Style of Your Home

Inside and out, your home should be a place you can be proud of.

With that said, there are so many things that can go into creating an amazing abode, that it can be difficult to know where to start. So, for those that are hoping to get a little more out of their living spaces, we have put together our five simple tips for bringing new life into your household one design choice at a time!

The Magic of Upholstery

A well-worn couch or comfy chair can easy become a staple of your living room that will be difficult to let go regardless of its current condition. Unfortunately, especially for those of us who have children or pets to contend with, these beloved furnishings will quickly begin to show their age through stains, holes and discolorations. However, that’s not to say to these pieces cannot be salvaged, as there is an abundance of furniture revamping options in the form of stylish new upholstery.

Coming in a wide variety of colours, textures, fabrics and designs, new upholstery is a brilliant addition to any household’s colour palette, and is the perfect option for those that just aren’t willing to let go of that vintage love seat. The Australian upholstery suppliers Wortley Group are my personal choice when I decide to get creative with my furniture, but for those that live elsewhere in the world, there is sure to be a provider near you that can help you decide upon the fabric of your dreams.

The Glamour of Garden Lights

When thinking about redesigning our households, the last place we tend to look is outwards. Depending on your lifestyle, the backyard is a place that can easily fall into disarray without the right care and maintenance. This can have a larger impact than you might imagine, as an overgrown garden can be the difference between a sweet, quaint abode and the house that children fear to tread near.

One option for turning your garden into the perfect paradise you deserve, is to strategically add garden lights throughout your yard. This is both pretty and practical; creating an air of wonder and magic throughout your lawn, whilst also giving you an extra dash of luminescence when you decide to have guests over.

For those that have trees, lanterns are a beautiful addition to your well-nurtured nature, offering up images of a homemade shanty town or gathering place that can make your backyard feel a lot more homely. With that said, the use of garden lights is entirely up to taste, so find a style that you feel the most satisfied with.

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Cupboard Calamity

Now that we’ve discussed your living spaces and your outdoor areas, it’s time to talk about one of the most criminally overlooked areas when it comes to household revitalisation: The kitchen. While I am certainly aware that most renovation projects will focus on this hunting ground of delectable meals, there is a lot that can be done in the form of simple tweaks to really bring out a sense of style in this area.

Cupboards, especially in homes that predate your parents’ high school days, can completely ruin an otherwise flawless feast room if left to their own drab devices. Simply exchanging or revamping those 60’s clatter-carriers for something more chic can be all you need to rejuvenate this hugely important space. This doesn’t just benefit style either, as years of food storage can leave many wooden cabinets with a must that will be practically impossible to remove by any means.

Make sure to choose a style and colour that compliments the space however, as a hyper modern fixture in an antiquated space will stick out as ill-fitting if not ideally chosen with the space in mind.

Hopefully, this has given you a few more ideas when looking to build upon the foundations of your household’s interior elegance. While creating an interior to be proud of won’t necessarily happen overnight, with enough diligence, even the most style-blind individuals can still come out with something wonderful. Good luck!

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