Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

Your air conditioner is one of the most important electrical appliances in your home. Along with your home lights it is called upon at critical times and there is an expectation that it will perform flawlessly.

Air conditioners like all other electrical appliances will wear down over time, lose their efficiency and become more expensive to operate. They can also, depending on their problems, become a danger if not serviced or even replaced.

For these reasons it is important to know the signs for when it is time to replace your air conditioning unit. Here are the signs.

It’s Older than a Decade

Good air conditioners have a lifespan of about ten to fifteen years depending upon how much they are used, the climate of your home and how well you maintain tits service schedule. If you live in a climate where you are constantly running your air conditioner year round, you can expect to replace it in ten years or even sooner. Older air conditioners become less efficient and cost you more to operate.

When you also factor in that newer ACs are 20 to 30% more efficient than units sold only fifteen years ago, you can see that there is a very good chance that your electric bills are much higher than needed. So if you have an older unit replacing it will have a near immediate direct impact on your pocket that will grow over time.

When your AC is on and Your Home is Still too Hot

Air conditioners should deliver consistent cool and dry air. Air conditioner not only cool a room they also remove humidity. So if you find yourself with warm wet air coming out of your AC at minimum you need a service call, but if the unit I solder and it will not deliver the right type of air even after a service call, it is time for you to get a new AC unit.

You AC Bills Keep Increasing

When an AC unit gets old, it needs to run longer to reach and maintain the target temperature you set. This means that it will require more electricity to put out the same amount of cooling. This will cause your electric bills to increase. If you notice this, it is a sure sign that you need to replace the unit with a more efficient and cheaper to run new unit.

You are Seeing Your AC Service Person More Often

The older and AC unit gets, the more it will need to be serviced. After a period of time servicing will become expensive and even with servicing, the unit will not function effectively or efficiently. So if you are getting more visits from your AC repair person, this is a definite sign that you unit is going bad and will need to be replaced.

Bad Smells or Smoke Coming from the AC Unit or Vents

If you are smelling electrical or smoke coming from your AC unit or AC vents, this is an indication that the unit is having serious problems. Similarly if you hear strange sounds emanating from the unit, it is time to shut the unit down and call a service person immediately. A full inspection should be performed and you should be prepared to replace the unit if needed.

If you find you need a new AC unit, you need to call a reputable AC supplier like Australia’s Actron Air who offers top quality AC units for homes and businesses. Their high quality units in addition to being much more effective and efficient, also offer new features like remote operation through your smart phone and variable speed motors which provide better cooling for you and your family.