6 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Winter can do a lot of damage to your home, and it can also make it drab and dreary. As the warmer weather starts to approach, you should start getting your home prepared for the spring. After all, there are certain things you will need or certain things you must do after winter goes away. To ensure your home is ready, check out the following six tips to get your house ready for spring.

1. Start With Decluttering

During the winter, you tend to clutter. That’s because you don’t want to mess with outside storage, drag boxes and boxes of garbage to the street or dumpster, or you’re just too busy with holidays. However, when spring comes, it’s time to go through every area of your home and clean it out.

The best way to do this is to tackle one room at a time. Go through each room and create two piles: a donate pile and a garbage pile. This will help you purge items you don’t need. Once you have successfully cleaned out every room, you can either opt to donate that pile to a local thrift store, or you could have a garage sale and make some money off it. The items that you are not able to sell or donate can go in the trash. However, if you have quite a lot to get rid of, then it may be best to look into a local roll off dumpster hire service to help you with clearing away the clutter.

2. Clean the Windows

The windows of your home get dirtier than you think, and when spring approaches it’s time to give them a thorough cleaning. Be sure to clean the exterior and interior sides of the windows, as you’ll be amazed at the amount of dust and dirt that can adhere to them. You can do this by using your favorite glass cleaning product, or you can simply mix together some water and vinegar for a nice and simple shine.

In addition, use this time to clean out the dirt from windowsills. Using a Q-tip or other small device can help you get into those smaller areas. Finally, give your blinds, shades, and/or window treatments a nice washing too.

3. Pamper Your Lawn

Winter wreaks havoc on your yard, so it’s important to get out there and start doing some spring yard maintenance. For instance, clean up any garbage or dead leaves that have accumulated in your yard. Remove any dead bushes or flowers that will not grow back. Touch up any areas with mulch or landscaping stone, and give your yard the TLC it needs with special nutrients. By caring for your yard and your landscaping, your home will look ready for spring before you know it.

4. Refinish Patios/Driveways

Harsh winters and products like salt can do some damage to your patios and driveways. When spring comes, be sure to take proper care of your pavement. For instance, if you have an asphalt driveway, consider having it recoated with a fresh layer of asphalt for a nice look.

If you have a concrete driveway, be sure to use concrete sealer to protect your driveway and give it a nice fresh look. By caring for your pavement, you’ll have an area that stands out from other dingy ones in your neighborhood.

5. Schedule Appliance Maintenance

Depending on where you live, chances are you don’t use your air conditioner during the winter. Before you turn it on, be sure to have it serviced by a professional. This way, you can avoid any high-cost damages or replacements by ensuring it’s in working order. However, if it is time to replace it, don’t hold off any longer.

6. Examine Roofs and Siding

Rough winters can cause damage to your roofing shingles as well as your siding. Take some time to thoroughly inspect your roof and your siding and look for signs of damage. If you notice anything, have it addressed right away. Leaving this area damaged leaves it susceptible to more moisture during the spring, and this can lead to leaks as well as mold growth, which become more expensive to fix over time.

Spring is a time to awaken and get back to enjoying the things that mean the most to you. By ensuring your home is ready for spring, you can tackle those sporting events, family outings, or long adventures without worrying about your home.